The purpose of the Auto Body Repair & Painting program is to train individuals for entry-level employment in the auto body repair and painting trade.

Instruction covers principles on the repair of auto body sheet metal and the application of body fillers and color coatings. There are extensive demonstrations in the proper use and maintenance of special tools and equipment, including special welding techniques. Basic mechanic hand tools, supplies, books, and working clothes are required for enrollment.

Contact the program coordinator, Dennis Tanga, at 984-3214, or by emailing for more information.

Requirements for Certificates of Completion (CC):
Corrosion:  10 credits Auto Body Refinishing: 10 credits
Auto Body Repair & Painting 20EFGHI(10) Auto Body Repair & Painting 22EFGHI(10)


Requirements for Certificate of Achievement (CA):  46 credits
Auto Body Repair & Painting 20(10), 22(10), 40(10), 41(10)
Mathematics 50C(3)
Communication:  English 19 or higher(3)


Requirements for Associate in Applied Science (AAS) Degree:  61 credits
All CA courses(46) plus:
English 22, 55, 100, 106, or
Communication 145(3) – English/Communication requirement
Physics 50(3) - Natural Science requirement
Humanities elective(3)
Social Science elective(3)


Full-time students would take courses in this sequence: 
First Semester (Fall)  Credits
*ABRP 20E Basic Auto Body 2
*ABRP 20F Basic Metal Work 2
*ABRP 20G Auto Sheet Metal 2
*ABRP 20H Body & Fender 2
*ABRP 20I Auto Body Repair Practicum 2
*ENG 19 or higher 3
*MATH 50C: Technical Mathematics 3
Second Semester (Spring) Credits
*ABRP 22E Basic Auto Refinishing 2
*ABRP 22F Refinishing Equipment & Techniques 2
*ABRP 22G Complete Refinishing Techniques 2
*ABRP 22H Touch-Up Refinishing Techniques 2
*ABRP 22I Refinishing Practicum 2
  PHYS 50 Technical Physics 3
Third Semester (Fall) Credits
*ABRP 40E Automotive Trim & Glass 2
*ABRP 40F Dimensioning Collision Damage 2
*ABRP 40G Frame Alignment & Repair 2
*ABRP 40H Structural Sectioning 2
*ABRP 40I Major Repairs Practicum 2
  ENG 22, 55, 100, 106, or COM 145 3
  Social Science elective 3
Fourth Semester (Spring) Credits
*ABRP 41E Minor Collision Repair 2
*ABRP 41F Mechanical Systems 2
*ABRP 41G Plastic Panel Repair 2
*ABRP 41H Management & Estimating 2
*ABRP 41I Minor Repairs Practicum 2
  Humanities elective 3
  Social Science elective 3

* Note:  Courses required for the Certificate of Achievement.