Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) Degree in Applied Business & Information Technology (ABIT)

The Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degree in Applied Business & Information Technology (ABIT) combines a curriculum including business, information technology, and liberal arts that emphasizes entrepreneurship and small-to-medium sized business management. The BAS degree is granted to students completing a four-year program. Only courses numbered 100 and above can be applied toward this degree.

ABIT Admission Requirements

For admission to the UH Maui College ABIT program, students must first meet
the UH Maui College admission requirements. Admission to UH Maui College
does not guarantee admission to the ABIT program.

1.   A student may apply for admission as a classified student in the ABIT
program upon successful completion of the following:

Pre-ABIT course requirements with grade C or better: ENG 100,
ICS 101 OR BUSN 150; MATH 103.

2. A student may apply for admission as a provisional student in the ABIT program upon approval of the   ABIT Committee

Classified status will be assigned with completion of pre-ABIT course requirements as outlined above.

ABIT Graduation Requirements

1. Pre-ABIT (9 credits):  Completion of pre-ABIT courses as outlined above.

2. Business Core (39 credits): ACC 201, 202, 300; BLAW 200; BUS 310, 311, 318, 320; ECON 130, 131; MGT 310; and MKT 300, 400.

3. Information Technology Core (25 credits): ICS 110, 111, 200, 319, 352, 360, 385, and 418.

4. General Education (36 credits): COM 459; ENG 209, 316; Hawaiian Emphasis; HIST 152; HUM 400; MATH 115, 135, 203 or 205; PHIL 301 or 323; PSY100 or SOC 100; SP 251 or equivalent oral communication.

5. Required Coop Project (3 credits): A three credit project is required (BUS 393v).

6. Capstone Course (6 credits): BUS 495 and 496 to be taken the last year with approval of the ABIT Committee.

7. Natural Science (4 credits): Four credits including a lab.

8. Writing Intensive (15 credits): Minimum of 15 credits of writing intensive courses at the 100-level or higher; at least 6 credits in 100-299 level courses; and at least 6 credits in 300-level or higher.

9. Minimum of 122 non-repeated qualifying credit hours: ABIT majors are required to earn a letter grade (e.g., A,B,C, etc.) in all courses required for the ABIT program.

10. Grade Point Average: At least a 2.0 UH Maui College cumulative GPA, as well as a 2.5 GPA in courses required for the ABIT major. Grade C or better is required in all upper division courses.

11. Graduation Requirement: To be awarded the BAS degree, students must complete an Application for Graduation form obtained from Student Services. See Academic Calendar for deadline.

12. Residency Requirement: 30 credit hours must be taken at UH Maui College and a minimum of 8 upper division courses (24 credits) in Business or Information Technology including the Capstone course.

The Applied Business & Information Technology (ABIT) program, leading to a baccalaureate degree, offers options to students seeking preparation in small to mid-sized business management, information technology, and related or integrated career opportunities.  The mission of the program is to prepare graduates to be productive professionals who can make responsible business decisions and use information technology wisely in a changing world.  The curriculum emphasizes business and stresses the effective use of information technology.  The program also includes a strong interdisciplinary liberal arts program with courses in the humanities, social sciences, English, communication, and mathematics.

Although this degree can be earned in four years taking 15 credits per semester, students taking fewer credits per semester will take longer to complete the requirements. Students interested in the ABIT program are encouraged to contact the ABIT counselor, program coordinator, or faculty member about program requirements.

Students are encouraged to follow the Business Careers Option III path to complete lower division ABIT requirements. Only courses numbered 100 or above, and taken with a letter grade, may be applied to the ABIT degree; and for upper division courses only those with a grade C or better may be applied.

Contact the program coordinator, Dr. Debasis Bhattacharya, at 808 984-3619, or by email at for more information.

Lower division requirements for ABIT Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) Degree: 62-63 credits
Starting the Fall semester 2012, the ABIT program will provide students with a four year track.

1. A student may apply for admission as a classified student in the ABIT program upon successful completion of all of the following admission requirements:

ENG 100, ICS 101 or BUSN 150, and MATH 103 (all with a grade of C or better)


Full-time students would take courses in this sequence:
Freshman Year (Fall) Credits
ECON 131  Macro-Economics 3
ENG 100  Composition I 3
HIST 152  World Civilizations II 3
ICS 101 or BUSN 150  Intro to Computing 3
MATH 103  College Algebra 3
Freshman Year (Spring) Credits
ECON 130  Micro-Economics 3
MATH 135  Pre-Calculus: Elementary Functions 3
Hawaiian emphasis course 3
ENG 209  Business Writing 3
PSY 100 or SOC 100 3
Sophomore Year (Fall) Credits 
ACC 201  Financial Accounting 3
MATH 115  Statistics 3
ICS 110  Intro to Programming 3
SP 251 or equivalent oral communication course 3
Natural Science elective with lab 4
Sophomore Year (Spring) Credits
ACC 202  Managerial Accounting 3
BLAW 200  Business Law 3
ICS 111  Introduction to Computer Science 4
ICS 200  Web Technology 3
MATH 203 or 205  Business/Regular Calculus     3-4
*Note: Students completing these 62-63 credits are encouraged to apply for the AAS in Business Careers Option III, after also completing BUS 120.


Upper division requirements for ABIT Bachelor of Applied Science
(BAS) Degree:  60 credits
Accounting 300(3)
Business 310(3), 311(3), 320(3), 495(3), 496(3)
Communication 459(3)
English 316(3)
Humanities 400*
Management 310(3)
Marketing 300(3), 400(3)
Philosophy 301(3) or 323(3)
Business 393v(3)
ICS 319(3), 352(3), 360(3), 385(3), 418(3)


Full-time students would take courses in this sequence:
Junior Year (Fall) Credits
ACC 300 Intermediate Financial Acct I 3
ICS 319   Operating Systems 3
ICS 352  Networks and Security 3
MGT 310  Principles of Management 3
MKT 300  Principles of Marketing 3
Junior Year (Spring) Credits
BUS 318  Principles of Finance 3
BUS 320  Entrepreneurship 3
ICS 360  Database Design and Development 3
ICS 385  Web Development and Administration 3
ENG 316  Advanced Research & Writing 3
Senior Year (Fall) Credits
HUM 400  Changes and Choices 3
ICS 418  Systems Analysis and Design 3
MKT 400  Digital Marketing 3
BUS 310  Statistical Analysis for Business Decisions 3
BUS 495  ABIT Capstone I 3
Senior Year (Spring) Credits
BUS 496  ABIT Capstone II 3
COM 459  Intercultural Communication II 3
PHIL 301  Ethical Theory or PHIL 323 Professional Ethics 3
BUS 393v  Co-op Project 3
BUS 311  Investments 3


Tuition and Fees: A tuition differential exists for upper division courses numbered 300 or higher. See Tuition and Fees.