After Course Registration

Note: Students have not completed their registration until they have paid tuition and fees in full. Copies of the receipt are available from the Cashier at $2.00 per copy.

Class Attendance

Students are expected to attend all sessions of the classes for which they are registered. It is the student’s responsibility to contact instructor’s regarding any absence. The acceptance of the reason for the absence is at the discretion of the instructor. If a student is unable to speak directly to the instructor regarding absences from class meetings, messages may be left on the instructor’s voice mail or email. For the instructor’s contact information, see the course outline handed out during the first week, or call the appropriate division office. Class attendance by persons not properly registered is prohibited. Any unofficial attendance does not provide a basis for later claim of registration or credit.

Erase/Withdrawal Period

Classes dropped during the erase period will not appear on the student’s permanent academic record. Deadlines for the erase period are listed on the Academic Calendar. Classes from which students withdraw after the erase period will appear on the student’s permanent academic record with a “W” notation.

Complete Withdrawals

Dropping all UH Maui College Courses
Complete withdrawal from the college require students process a “Complete Withdrawal” form at the Admissions Office by the posted deadline. (See Dropping Classes). Dropping all your classes CANNOT be done online via MyUH. UH Maui College will only drop UH Maui College courses. If you are also enrolled in courses from other UH campuses, drop those courses from your MyUH Portal by the appropriate deadline.

Personal Information Changes

Complete and submit a Student Data Change Form at the Admissions and Records Office (AD 220) if you have a change of name, change of major, or permanent change of address. Mailing address changes may be made from your MyUH Portal.


Students expecting to graduate should make an appointment in the Counseling and Advisement Office to see a counselor for a graduation check then pay the $15 graduation fee at the Cashier Window by the appropriate deadline.

Graduation Ceremony

Students who earned a degree or certificate during Fall  are encouraged to participate in the Spring Commencement Ceremony.