Hall Family Preachers on campus cause an upset with in students.

A minor commotion was caused on campus Tuesday, October 3 around 11:30 a.m. when the Hall Family Preachers arrived at the free speech area of campus.  After about thirty minutes of combative preaching a large

An ‘Aumakua for Kauila; Protecting the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle

By Paige Herrin Once there was a magical sea turtle named Honupo‘okea. She lived in the waters around the Hawaiian Islands. She was the only sea turtle in the Hawaiian waters until she met a handsome

Art Maui: A Work of Art Itself

By Akane McCann   Many of us here on Maui are familiar with Art Maui, the beautiful art exhibition that showcases a collection of juried works annually from Maui County artists. As the first juried show on

Lights, Camera and Plenty of Action at the 2016 Maui Film Festival

By Miles Plauché The Maui Film Festival has been providing a unique cinema experience for residents and visitors of Maui since its creation in the year 2000. Every year, movie fans eagerly gather at venues in

“Permanently Deferred”: Necessary Regulation or Blatant Discrimination?

When it comes down to saving a life, blood donation is one of the most–if not the most beneficial aid for patients. According to the American Red Cross, someone in the US is in need

A Taste of the Mediterranean

By Jora Dawson For residents of Maui, the Mediterranean Grill is as good as it gets for Greek cuisine; one can get a genuine gyro, kabob, shawarma or other kind of Greek delicacy. The Mediterranean Grill Food

Catch the Wave at Nalu’s South Side Grill in Kihei

By Paige Herrin If “nalu” means “wave” in Hawaiian and as slang means “go with the flow,” then people are definitely catching the wave at Nalu’s South Side Grill in Kihei. Nalu’s South Side Grill in Kihei. Centrally

Baileys Café: Your New Favorite Spot

By Miles Plauché Since rolling into the food scene in early 2015, Baileys Café Food Truck has been putting a gourmet spin on the classic plate lunches that Hawaii natives know so well. Inspired by local

The Finals Countdown

Palms are becoming sweaty across campus. Hair is being pulled from countless heads. That stylish girl from Math 103 has traded her ripped jeans and boots for baggy sweatpants and slippers. Yes, finals are coming. There’s

Find Inspiration in ‘Miracles from Heaven’

By Lorena Abreu   While “Super Man v Batman” continues to dominate box offices all over the world, “Miracles From Heaven” is still waiting for a miracle to reach the same goal. “Miracles from Heaven”, directed by Patricia