Dec. 23, 2015
CONTACT Susan Miller

Maui College student/entrepreneurs dreaming about how to launch an aquaponics microenterprise in 2016 are in luck.

The Maui College Business Program is offering two new topic courses starting in January. “Aquaponics Entrepreneurship” (Bus 190v) and “Aquaponics Microenterprise Marketing” (Mgt. 190v) are the subject courses for those interested in starting new small-scale aquaponics food production start-ups.

If you’ve a business plan or are seriously pondering a microenterprise, it’s important to understand the basic fundamental concepts of business and marketing. These courses will help in develop microenterprise business and management and marketing plans.

Technical knowledge and skills related to natural resources production and business management to successfully establish and run a micro-agribusiness to be competitive in Hawaii’s economy.”

Geared to address the more of the business-side of aquaponics microenterprise, the courses are designed to assist entrepreneurs at all stages in understanding fundamental concepts and skills that can be applied to start-ups and early-stage business agribusiness using aquaponics as a Natural Resources Production microenterprise.

The course will include discussions of entrepreneurship, the role it’s played in Hawaii’s island economy, and its relevance to aquaponics. All aspects of managing and marketing a business are covered, including operations, management and planning principles, record keeping and budgeting, and problem solving. Marketing will include understanding customer and markets and operating within constrained resources. Applicable business and production models as well as entrepreneurship practices will be examined through discussions and hands on applications.

Students will work in groups to explore small-scale production using applied aquaponics startup systems. In keeping with state and federal health and food standards, students will acquire competencies in applied aquaponics sciences, industry-aligned standard operating procedures (SOP), food safety and health practices for edible crops and Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).

The courses are supported by a Carl Perkins Grant funded consortium of UH Community Colleges to establish a Career and Technical Education agribusiness “program of study” in Natural Resources Production that includes all learners. Kauai and Kapiolani Community Colleges will offer similar courses in the Spring 2016 semester. The project is a Universal Design in Learning (UDL) partnership with the UH-Manoa College of Education’s Center on Disability Studies.

For more course information and to register:
University of Hawai‘i Maui College
Phone: (800) 479-6692