Inspiring Creativity In All The Right Notes

By Miles Plauche Standing tall with black boots, square-rimmed glasses and a wide smile, Karyn Sarring is a positive force to be reckoned with at the music department of UH Maui College. Check out these glasses. “There’s such

Campus Close-Up: A Calendar of Upcomng Campus Events

Maui College is a buzz with activity in the final weeks of the semester. This Saturday, April 9, 2016 the campus will host the Maui Keiki Fest with Anthropology Club and Circle K International assisting

A Psychology Teacher’s Journey

By Chelsea Farr From equations of numbers to equations of the mind, Rosiana “Nani” Azman has done it all. Azman’s journey to her Ph.D. in psychology wasn’t part of her original plan. “My parents wanted me to

Traveling the World with UH Maui College History Instructor Liana Horovitz

By Nick Vierra All it took was one study abroad trip to London for Liana Horovitz to get the travel bug. In her freshman year of college at Colorado College, Horovitz fell in love with not just

UH Maui Dives Into “Splash Bash”

On Thursday, March 31, UH Maui’s Student Activities Council (SAC) put on “Splash Bash,” an opportunity for students to slip, slide and swing to the music of DJs Bo Vice, CRVZ, and Robe. Two UH Maui

What Does UH Maui Know About the 2016 Election

Raising the Minimum Wage is Good for Hawaii: A Rebuttal

Conservatives and economic professors can often be heard making claims that raising the minimum wage is a “job killer”. On a first impression this makes sense; if a company has to spend more money per

The Student Ohana for Sustainability Club President: Pali O’Connell

The Student Ohana for Sustainability, known as SOS, is Maui College’s sustainability club here on campus since 2011. The SOS mission statement is: “As a diverse group of independent thinkers, SOS is committed to promoting

Profits Over Planet AND People?

There’s lots of confusion, misconceptions and little information for consumers about Maui’s energy, which leaves us all feeling powerless in a controversy revolving around just that: Maui Power and Electricity.   The Auwahi Wind Farm, South-East Maui. At

Maui Campus Sustainability: Part 1

Tim Botkin, SSM Program, UHMC Sustainability Committee Member On Monday, January 25, 2016 the UHMC Sustainability Committee had its first meeting of the semester and its first meeting under the new structure of an elected chairperson