Business Careers (BUSC)

Interested in a career in business but not sure where to start? The Business Careers program at UH Maui College offers a wide range of courses in entrepreneurship, accounting, and business management to help you advance your business career or give you the skill sto start your own small business. With a 2 year* AAS degree, you can also transfer to 4 year programs at UH Maui College or UH West Oahu.


Certificates of Professional Development (CPD)
Certificates of Competence (CO)
Certificate of Achievement (CA): 32 credits
Associate in Applied Science (AAS) Degree: 62-66 credits

*Program length depends on student placement and credit load.

The Business Careers program offers various levels of educational opportunity:

  • Certificates designed for students and community members who wish to acquire or upgrade their skills and knowledge.
  • One-year Certificate of Achievement that provides essential skills and knowledge in business, communication, writing, and mathematics.
  • Two-year Associate in Applied Science with three options: Option I is general; Option II is articulated with the UH West Oahu Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (BABA) available in Maui County; and Option III provides the first two years for the Bachelor of Applied Sci- ence in Applied Business and Information Technology at UH Maui College.
  • Transferable courses for four-year business programs at UH Mānoa, UH Hilo, and other institutions.

Students interested a baccalaureate program should take the appropriate mathematics sequence early in order to complete required course(s) and should see a counselor about specific requirements for entrance to baccalaureate programs. Not all Business Careers courses will transfer and fill baccalaureate requirements. Baccalaureate programs additionally have specific GPA entrance requirements that may be higher than 2.0. Students
should elect letter grades (A, B, C, etc.).

Certificate of Achievement requirements are at least 32 credits with a 2.0 or higher and no more than 15 credits taken for CR/NC grades. Grade C or better is required in the following: ENG 100, COM 145 or BUS/COM 130, and 3 credits of Accounting. Associate in Applied Science requirements are 62-66 credits with a 2.0 or higher with no more than 30 credits taken for CR/NC grades including the above CA requirements and 3 additional credits of English with grade C or better.

Contact the program coordinator, Rick Miller, at 984-3211 or by email at rickm@hawaii.edu for more information.

Upon successful completion of the BUSC Program, the student should be able to:

  • 1.1 Use leadership and interpersonal skills to promote business ethics, values, and integrity related to professional activities and personal relationships.
  • 1.2 Analyze and explain basic business transactions and financial reports
  • 1.3 Develop a sense and appreciation of Entrepreneurship.
Entrepreneurship I: 3 credits
BUS 125(3)
Marketing: 3 credits
MKT 120(3)
Supervision I: 3 credits
MGT 118(3)
Entrepreneurship II: 9 credits (Prereq: CO Entrepreneurship I)
MGT 124(3), ACC 124 or 201(3), BLAW 200(3)
Supervision II: 9 credits
MGT 118(3), 122(3); BUS/COM 130(3)
Leadership Training: 9 credits
IS 101(3); 105CD(1,1); BUS/COM 130 or COM 145(3); CASE193v/HSER 194/ECED 191v(1)
MKT 120(3), 285(3); BUSN 150(3), 261(3)
Business 120(3)
Accounting 124(3) and 125(3), or
  Accounting 201(3) and Business elective(3)*
Marketing 120(3)*
Business elective(3)*
Business Technology 189(3)*
Business Technology 150 or ICS 101(3)
Management 122, Psychology 100, or Sociology 100(3)*
Interdisciplinary Studies 106(2)
Business/Communication 130(3)
English 100(3)**

*Note: See list on next page or consult a counselor, program coordinator, or appropriate faculty member for approved alternative.
**Note: ENG 22/55 may be substituted for the Certificate of Achievement for those not going on to the AAS degree.

All CA courses(32) plus:
Business Law 200(3)*
English 209(3)
Humanities elective(3)
Natural Science elective(3) or (7) – depending on option selected*
Social Science elective(3)*
Program electives(15)*

*Note: See list on next page or consult a counselor, program coordinator, or appropriate faculty member for approved alternative.
**Note: ENG 22/55 may be substituted for the Certificate of Achievement for those not going on to the AAS degree.

Option I: For students seeking a general two-year business program (AAS).
Option II: For students planning to transfer to the BA in Business Administration at UH West Oahu (AAS > BABA).
Option III: For students planning to enter the BAS in Applied Business and Information Technology: see ABIT map.