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The University of Hawaii Maui College offers an array of business majors including:  Accounting, Business Careers, Business Technology, and Hospitality and Tourism.  Through these business majors, you can earn a certificate or an associate degree.  If you’re looking for more, the UHMC Business Programs offer a Bachelor in Applied Science Degree in Applied Business and Information Technology.

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Wayne Aguiran, MSW

Academic Counselor for Business Programs

Wayne Aguiran is the academic counselor for the UHMC business programs.  The business programs include students who are in, or are interested in, the following majors:

Associates in Applied Science Degrees

Bachelor of Applied Science Degree

Appointments can be done in person or via Skype (upon request).  To make an appointment:

  • Call
    Call the Counseling office at (808) 984-3306; Monday through Friday (closed on holidays) between 8:00am – 4:30pm HST
  • Go Online
    Schedule online through your MySuccess Network in your MyUH Portal. (Instructions can be found here, click on “How do I log in to MySuccess?”)

Why do I need an academic counselor?

Meeting with an academic counselor gives students the opportunity to exchange information to help students reach their educational and career goals.  Although advising is a shared responsibility between the counselor and the student, it is ultimately the responsibility of the student to make decisions about life goals.  Make an appointment now to meet Wayne.

How to schedule an appointment?

There are two ways to schedule an appointment:

  1. Call the Counseling office at (808) 984-3306 Monday through Friday (closed on holidays) between 8:00am – 4:30pm HST
  2. Schedule online through your MySuccess Network in your MyUH Portal. (Instructions can be found here, click on “How do I log in to MySuccess?”)

What can an academic counselor help me with?

Counselors at UHMC can help you chart your path to success and solve any problems that may arise on that journey. All counselors can assist you with:

  • Career Exploration and Planning Identify the careers or career clusters that reflect the abilities, interests and values you want to use in your career.
  • Academic Advising Develop an academic plan that will identify the courses you will take each semester until you have earned your degree or certificate.
  • Personal Concerns Work with a counselor to resolve any problems that are interfering with your ability to concentrate and complete your assignments.


New & Prospective

If you are interested in attending or transferring to UH Maui College, you are encouraged to contact the counseling office at (808) 984-3306.

You can also submit your applications in just minutes!  Click here to get started or download our “Getting Started” guide.

  • Step 1: Apply
    Applying to UH Maui College as a freshman, transfer, or international student?  Visit the How To Apply page to get started.

  • Step 2: Get Ready to Enroll
    Once you’ve been accepted, visit the ACCEPTED! page to complete your journey!

Non-Credit Business Courses

EdVenture offers continuing education, career training, and professional development courses in a variety of business and professional topics.  No matter where you are in life, EdVenture is your source for lifelong learning on Maui.

EdVenture logo


For current UH Maui College students, please schedule a one-on-one appointment with the Business Programs Academic Counselor at (808) 984-3306. Please keep in mind that busy periods (such as the first couple week of each semester or during registration) counselors schedules fill quickly. You are encouraged to call at least 24 hours in advance to schedule an appointment.

  • Question: What’s the difference between “degree” and “major”?  And what are program requirements?
    A ‘degree’ is an academic title. At UHMC, for example, there are several types of Associate degrees: Associate in Arts (AA), Associate in Science (AS), Associate in Applied Science (AAS), Associate in Technical Studies (ATS), and Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS).

    A ‘major’ is an area of specialization, so there can be many different majors for each degree type: AAS in Accounting, AAS in Business Careers, AAS in Business Technology, AAS in Hospitality and Tourism, and BAS in Applied Business and Information Technology.

    We use the term “program” to refer to specific course of study, so we talk about “program worksheets”, which list all the requirements for a specific course of study.  “Program Worksheets” can be found below.

  • Question: Is it really possible to graduate “on time”?
    Yes, it is possible to graduate “on time” (2 years for an AAS or 4 years for a BAS) with careful planning.  Identify and declare for you major on time.  To assure your success, you should consult with your academic counselor on a regular basis to monitor your progress towards your degree.

  • Question: What do you mean by “prerequisites”? Where can I find a list of what I need to take?
    Prerequisites are foundational courses, test scores, class standing, or consent that must be completed or obtained before you can take a course. You can find course prerequisite information in the course descriptions in the catalog. Near the end of the each description, prerequisites are listed after “Pre:” Requirements that should be taken concurrently will be indicated by “Co-requisite,” which means that the course must be taken at the same time.

  • Question: What if I want to get a bachelor’s degree?
    Great! You’ve got two options:
    1) You can enroll in the ABIT program at UHMC
    2) You can get ready to transfer to another university


Program Worksheets and Program Map

Accounting Program Worksheet (CA, AAS)
Accounting Program Map

Business Administration
Marketing E-marketing Program Worksheet (CO)
Supervision/Entrepreneurship Program Worksheet (CO)
Business Administration Worksheet (CA, AAS)
Business Administration Program Map

Business Technology
Virtual Office Assistant Program Worksheet (CO)
Information Processing Program Worksheet (CO, CA, AAS)
Medical Assistant Program Worksheet (CO, CA, AAS)
Business Technology Program Map

Hospitality & Tourism

Hospitality & Tourism Program Worksheet (CO, CA, AAS)
Hospitality and Tourism Program Map

Applied Business and Information Technology

Applied Business & Information Technology Program Worksheet (BAS)
Applied Business and Information Technology Program Map

*To ensure you meet all requirements and graduate on-time, students should meet with their Academic Counselor on a regular basis.


Other Useful Forms for Download
 Forms for veterans, to change information or change of major, for transcript evaluation, to request a UH ID number, etc.


How to Check UH Email
How to Add Courses 
How to Drop Courses

STAR Guided Pathway System (GPS) Registration: Content is from UH Hilo, but can be applied to UH Maui College


Interested in a career that every business needs? The Accounting program prepares students for careers as bookkeepers, accounting and payroll clerks.

Business Careers

Interested in a career in business but not sure where to start? The Business Careers program offers a wide range of courses in entrepreneurship, accounting, and business management to help you advance your business career or give you the skills to start your own small business.

Business Technology

The Business Technology career ladder is competency based and focuses on the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to prepare for office positions in government or industry.

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