Business Technology (BUSN)

The Business Technology career ladder is competency based and focuses on the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to prepare for office positions in government or industry.  The curriculum includes specialties, as well as general offerings, to broaden students’ background and to enhance employment and promotion possibilities.

Certificates and Degrees

The Business Technology Program envisions an international state-of-the-art technological curriculum that meets current and emerging Maui County education and computer training needs through innovative, high quality programs offered in motivating learning environments.  The Business Technology Program empowers students to achieve their highest potential as informed, accountable, and productive members of our island, national, and global societies. The Business Technology Program strives to promote and raise awareness of the diverse local and Native Hawaiian traditions that contribute to a positive business environment that make our community so unique.

PLO 1 – Program graduates select and apply software to create word processing, electronic messaging, desktop publishing, and presentation graphics documents. They meet or exceed productivity standards with the software and in keyboarding speed and accuracy.  They understand business document formats and are proficient in proofreading.

PLO 2 – Program graduates utilize manual and electronic information management systems. They are able to select, organize and operate systems that meet ARMA (Association of Records Managers and Administrators) standards relative to the record life cycle.  Graduates are proficient with database software used to organize, store and retrieve business information using tables, forms, queries and reports.

PLO 3 – Program graduates are able to apply interpersonal and leadership skills. They can work as part of a team and participate effectively in culturally diverse groups. They demonstrate professionalism in work quality, appearance, attitude and workplace behavior.

PLO 4 – Program graduates are able to understand and use spreadsheet software to meet business information needs.  They work confidently with formulas, financial functions, charts, graphs, multi-sheet, and shared workbooks.  (applies to all BUSN students with special emphasis for Information Processing specialty)

PLO 5 – Program graduates are able to work as nurse aides under the supervision of a registered or practical nurse in a hospital, long-term care, home or clinic setting. They have adequate knowledge of medical terminology, abbreviations, diagnostic tests, drug categories and medications so that they are able to process physician orders effectively.  (applies only to the Medical Assistant specialty)

Requirements (5-8 credits):

Business Technology 89(1), 70(1), 121(3)
Mathematics 18 or placement at Mathematics 82
English 22 or 55(3) or placement at English 100

Requirements (23 credits):

Business Technology 121 or 123 (3)
Business Technology 150 or Information & Computer Science 101 (3)
Business Technology 151 (3), 158 (3), 159 (3), 164 (3), 193v (2)
Accounting 124 or 201 (3)

Additional information for this certificate is available at the UH Community Colleges Website.

Requirements for CA in Business Technology (31 credits):

Business 120 or Business Technology 161(3)
Business Technology 150 or Information & Computer Science 101(3)
Business Technology 166(1) 170(3), 189(3)
English 100(3), Business/Communication 130 or Communication 145(3)
Business Technology 123(3), 151(3), 157(3)
English 209(3)

Requirements for AAS core Business Technology (23-24 credits):
Accounting 124 or 201(3)
Business Technology 110 or 261(3) 193v*(2-3), 232(3), 292(3)
Natural Science elective(3), Social Science elective(3), General Education elective(3)

Requirements for AAS Information Processing Specialty (6 credits):
Two program electives(6) from the following list**:
Accounting 125(3), 201(3); Business Technology 110(3), 158(3), 159(3), 237(3), 261(3), Information & Computer Science 205(3) or 214(3)

*From 2-3 credits of BUSN 193v are required depending on the student’s prior work experience.  Consult a counselor, the program coordinator, or appropriate faculty member to determine your requirement.

**Or other courses approved by the program coordinator.

Requirements for CO Medical Assistant I (22 credits):
Business Technology 161, Business 120, or Management 118(3)
Business Technology 150 or Information & Computer Science 101(3)
Business Technology 193v(1)
English 22 or 55 or 100(3)
Biology 100(3)
Nursing 100(6), Health 129(3)

Additional Requirements for AAS Medical Assistant II (43 credits)
Accounting 124 or 201(3)
Business/Communication 130 or Communication 145(3)
Business Technology 123(3), 151(3), 166(1), 170(3), 185(3), 189(3), 193v**(2), 292(3)
Pharmacology 105(1), 106(3), 107(3) English 100*(3), 209(3)
Social Science elective(3)

*If ENG 100 was used to satisfy the Medical Assistant I CO requirement, credits required for the Medical Assistant II AAS are reduced by three.

**Students are required to earn one credit of BUSN 193v for the Medical Assistant I CO and an additional two credits for the Medical Assistant II AAS degree.  An optional two credits may be taken to satisfy a practicum requirement for students planning to work at Kaiser Permanente.

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