Associate in Applied Science – AASleslie2

Information Processing Specialty: 60-61 credits

The Information Processing Specialty offers an intensive focus on business computing technology. Students develop proficiency in word processing, presentation graphics, spreadsheet and database applications.

Students who earn the Business Technology AAS with the Information Processing Specialty qualify for a wide range of employment opportunities. Typical positions include: Administrative Assistant, Executive Secretary, Information Processing Specialist, Word Processing Specialist, Jr. Network Administrator and Jr. Web Developer.

This AAS degree is awarded to students who complete the AAS information processing specialty requirements in addition to the Certificate of Achievement (CA) in Business Technology.

Requirements for CA in Business Technology (31 credits):

Business Technology 150 or Information & Comp. Science 101(3)
Business Technology 161, Business 120 or Management 120(3)
Business Technology 166(1), 170(3), 189(3), English 100(3)
Business Technology 123(3), 151(3), 157(3)
Business/Communication 130 or Communication 145(3)
English 209(3)

Requirements for AAS Information Processing Specialty (29-30 credits):

Business Technology 110 or 261(3) 193v*(2-3), 232(3), 292(3)
Accounting 124 or 201(3)
Natural Science elective(3), Social Science elective(3), General Education elective(3)
Two program electives(6) from the following list**:
Accounting 125(3), 201(3); Business Technology 110(3), 158(3), 159(3), 237(3), 261(3), Information & Computer Science 205(3) or 214(3)

*From 2-3 credits of BUSN 193v are required depending on the student’s prior work experience.  Consult a counselor, the program coordinator, or appropriate faculty member to determine your requirement.

**Or other courses approved by the program coordinator.