Associate in Applied Science – AASIMGP5531a

Medical Assistant II Specialty: 62-67 credits

The Medical Assistant II specialty prepares students to work in either an in-patient or out-patient environment in positions that require an AAS degree.  These include Medical Assistant, Doctor’s Assistant, Medical Office Assistant, Clinical Assistant and Health Unit Coordinator.

This AAS degree is awarded to students who complete the AAS specialty requirements in addition to the Certificate of Competence (CO) in Medical Assistant I and Certificate of Achievement (CA) in Business Technology.

Requirements for CO Medical Assistant I (22 credits):
Business Technology 161, Business 120, or Management 118(3)
Business Technology 150 or Information & Computer Science 101(3)
Business Technology 193v(1)
English 22 or 55 or 100(3)
Biology 100(3)
Nursing 100(6), Health 129(3)

Additional Requirements for AAS Medical Assistant II (43 credits)
Accounting 124 or 201(3)
Business/Communication 130 or Communication 145(3)
Business Technology 123(3), 151(3), 166(1), 170(3), 185(3), 189(3), 193v**(2), 292(3)
Pharmacology 105(1), 106(3), 107(3) English 100*(3), 209(3)
Social Science elective(3)

*If ENG 100 was used to satisfy the Medical Assistant I CO requirement, credits required for the Medical Assistant II AAS are reduced by three.

**Students are required to earn one credit of BUSN 193v for the Medical Assistant I CO and an additional two credits for the Medical Assistant II AAS degree.  An optional two credits may be taken to satisfy a practicum requirement for students planning to work at Kaiser Permanente.