Business  Technology Courses

OL—class may be available On Line
BUSN 50 Basic Comp. Skills for College Success
BUSN 70 Filing
BUSN 89 Electronic Calculating
BUSN 110 Office Computer Troubleshooting
OL-BUSN 121 Introduction to Word Processing

BUSN 123 Word Processing for Business
BUSN 150 Introduction to Business Computing
BUSN 151 Intermediate Business Computing
BUSN 157 Desktop Publishing for Business
BUSN 158 Social Media and Collaboration Tools
BUSN 159 Creating and Managing the Virtual Office
BUSN 161
Customer Service

BUSN 164 Career Success
BUSN 166
Orientation to Employxxx
OL-BUSN 170 Records Management

BUSN 183 Executive Transcription
BUSN 185 Processing Physician Orders
BUSN 189 Business Mathematics
BUSN 193V Business Tech Coop Education
OL-BUSN 232 Business Computer Spreadsheets
BUSN 237 Business Computer Databases
BUSN 261 Web Page Construction
BUSN 292 Integrated Office Procedures


Other Supporting Courses

OL—class may be available On Line
ACC124 Principles of Accounting I
ACC 125 Principles of Accounting II
OL-ACC 201 Intro to Financial Accounting
OL-BIOL 100 Human Biology
BLAW 200 Legal Environment of Business
OL-BUS 120 Principles of Business

BUS 130 Business Communication – Oral
OL-COM 145 Interpersonal Communication

ENG 22 Introduction to Composition
ENG 55 Business Com – Written
OL-ENG 100 Composition I
OL-ENG 209 Business & Managerial Writing
HLTH 129 Terminology for Health Careers
OL-ICS 101 Digital Tools for the Information World

ICS 205 Photoshop/Illustrator
ICS 214 Fundamentals of Design for Print & Web
MATH 18 Essential Math for Algebra
MATH 82 Accelerated Algebraic Foundations
OL-MGT 118 Introduction to Supervision
OL-NURS 100 Nurse Aide Training

PHRM 105 Administration of Medications
PHRM 106 Intro to Pharmacy Technology
PHRM 107 Pharmacology & Treatment of Diseases