What is Cooperative Education?

It is an internship program that gives students an opportunity to receive classroom-based education with practical work experience. This special academic program at UHMC places students in field experiences related to their majors or for career exploration. Co-op on a resume or job application signals an employer that an applicant has combined education with work experience and has more to offer than the average job-seeker.

Having to do the internship hours it really opens your eyes to what you’re majoring in.

AJ '18

The most useful part of the program was discovering my strenghts and weaknesses.

BTEC '16

The program helped develop my skills and knowledge in ECET.

ECET '15

What is an advantage to enrolling in Co-op?

  • Earn 1, 2, or 3 credits
  • Co-op Ed may satisfy an elective
  • Validate your education and career choice
  • Gain work experience in your major
  • Meet and network with employers
  • Co-op may lead to future employment

What is required to enroll in Co-op?

Co-op is open to ALL students who have:

  • Completed 2 or more semesters in their academic program
  • Have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0

How many hours do I need to complete?

  • 1 credit = 75 internship hours
  • 2 credit = 150 internship hours
  • 3 credit = 225 internship hours

Employer’s and organizations interested in hosting a student intern, click here.

UHMC Programs that require Co-op Education credits to graduate are:

Liberal Arts students enroll in CASE 193v to fulfill a program elective to explore career opportunities.

See your Program Coordinator or Counselor to verify amount of Co-op credits to enroll in.

Information about Internships

  • Co-op Ed Faculty and Program Coordinator will approve internship sites and learning objectives
  • Mentors will evaluate intern’s work performance