Effective Networking

When done correctly networking can be very positive and have a tremendous impact on a prospective employee’s future. It is one of the most important job-search techniques, with a wide variety of methods to fit every personality and situation. Skills will help students or graduates get started, but the connections they make through networking can help ensure a long and thriving career in whatever profession they pursue.

Effective Networking Tips

  1.  Identify What Networking Style Works Best
    • Extrovert, introvert we are all different. That being said networking styles will vary. It is important to step outside the comfort zone and find ones niche.
  2.  Be Aware of the Rules of Professional Networking
    • Never directly ask for an interview. Rather, ask questions to find whether the company, its culture, and its employees fit to interest.
    • Never ask for a job.  Let others know of an interest in a certain role and share appreciation for information about any potential opportunities.
  3.  Use Social Media Effectively
    • Social media platforms today have something to offer every type of job seeker. Take advantage of the positive sides of social media.
  4.  Start Early
    •  Practice networking as a volunteer, intern or employee.
    • Network with anybody, anywhere.
  5.  Be Consistent
    • Sometimes it isn’t about the how to network, it’s  about doing it regularly.
  6.  Follow Up
    • Always thank contacts in writing (handwritten note or email).