A student of recent college graduate may feel the task of creating a resume and cover letter difficult and time-consuming. Also with minimal experience in the workforce, there can be hesitation that poses challenges in building a resume and writing a cover letter. The lack of work experience should not be an intimidation factor or hindrance for students.


Standout Resume

1. Writing Basics

  • Keep format and the layout basic
  • Keep font and text easy to read
  • Use relevant information
  • Recent appears first
  • Avoid using I’s
  • Focus on actions verbs
  • One page recommended, two maximum

2. Experience Matters


  • Internship/Co-op
  • Activities
  • Academic organizations
  • Sports teams
  • Greek organizations
  • Volunteer work
  • Leadership roles

3. Stand Out

  • Step outside of self
  • Resume should speak to job description.
  • Use key words, phrases, thoughts, skill sets


Writing for the Job

1. Research

  • Do homework
  • Know the organization
  • Know the job/position
  • Understand the culture
  • Understand the industry

2. Arrangement

  • Clear beginning, middle and end
  • Customize for each company or organization
  • Proofread
  • Use professional e-mail address

3. Sales Pitch

  • Put emotion into it
  • Be personal salesperson

4. Cover Letter vs. Personal Statement?

  • Cover Letter written for them (Employer), more direct to the organization and position
  • Personal Statement written for you, more general