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Federal Work Study (FWS) is a form of federal financial aid awarded to students who demonstrate financial need. Under FWS, students have the opportunity to work part-time on campus (up to 20 hours per week) to help finance college educational expenses. You will gain valuable employment skills too.


  • Funds for Fall 2012-Spring 2013 won’t be available for students until AFTER they have been AWARDED financial aid for 2012-13.  Students must first apply and be awarded so Financial Aid can calculate how much unmet need you have after your financial aid award is factored in).  2012-2013 FAFSA’s will begin being processed in late Feb/early March and will probably be awarded by April 1.  Students can begin requesting for FWS after they have received their 2012-13 award email from Financial Aid


Below is a timeline of when financial aid students should request for FWS and its process:


  • Students interested in requesting for FWS, will need to complete a Work Study Request Form.
  • The Work Study Request form is usually available in April for FWS for the next school year. (ex. Form is available to students in April of the 2011-12 school year for FWS for the 2012-13 school year)


  • The Financial Aid Office will start awarding eligible candidates who submitted a Work Study Request Form.
  • Students will be notified by email that they are awarded.
  • Students will be advised that they will have 30 days from the start of the school semester to be placed in a FWS position.
  • Once all FWS funds have been awarded, all other students that submitted a Work Study Request Form will be put on a waitlist. When funds open up, then the Financial Aid Office will go down the waitlist for eligible candidates.


  • All students who were awarded FWS, will need to attend a MANDATORY FWS orientation in August. Orientation is usually a few weeks before the start of the Fall semester.
  • The orientation will go over the responsibilities as a FWS recipient.
  • The earliest that FWS students can begin work is the 1st day of the Fall semester and they must cease work under FWS on the last day of the Spring semester. (FWS students are NOT allowed to work under FWS during the Summer Break)


  • FWS students who were awarded but have not been placed in a job will be cancelled.
  • The Financial Aid Office will review students who are on the waitlist for FWS and award as funds become available.


In addition to federal regulations, FWS students are subject to conditions of student employment stated in the System Administrative Procedures Manual (#A9.880). Federal regulations require the Financial Aid Office to revise awards to prevent students from being over-awarded. The Financial Aid Office has the right to rescind all or part of a FWS award at any time should there be a change in the student’s award status.