Purchase of Computing Related Items at Maui College

Requisitions under $200 do NOT need Computing Services initials/signature, except for software and items that will be plugged into the network, such as wireless access points, wireless routers, hubs, switches, or printers.

All computers/servers that are purchased must have as a minimum a three-year warranty and three years of onsite support (minimum support is Mon.-Fri. next day service); the exception is laptops which normally must be sent back to the company for repair.

Requisitions for computers that are more than $2500 must go to super-quote, unless items are under a contract; in which case price reasonableness must be shown by comparing contract with non-contract prices for computers with identical specifications.

No equipment for wireless networking (wireless access points, wireless routers) should be acquired without Computing Services prior approval. Therefore if P-Cards are used, please notify Computing Services (Mike Albert) via e-mail prior to the purchase to make sure equipment is appropriate and how it must be installed.