A new conduit system connecting each Kahului campus building by fiber with the new Ka`a`ike Technology Center was completed March 2002.  Each campus facility has 12 singlemode and 6 multimode fibers for special video functions that terminate in Ka`a`ike 117;  6 singlemode and 12 multimode fibers connect to Computing Services in Ka`a`ike 221 and are used for computing data communications.  Most buildings connect to the campus Cisco 6506-E layer-3 switch in Ka`a`ike 221 using fast Ethernet (100mbps), but buildings with high volume traffic, such as the Learning Center complex, Ho’okipa, Laulima, Palina, Ka Lama and Kupa’a, connect at gigabit speeds (1000mbps).

A second switch (Cisco 6506), located in Ka`a`ike 106A, is used primarily for the interactive distance education teleconferencing systems, SkyBridge and the Hawaii Interactive Television System.  The distance education classes are carried over an OC3 (100 T1s) microwave link to the University of Hawaii at Manoa and from there to other branches of the University, including UHMC’s outreach education centers on the islands of Molokai and Lanai and in Hana and Lahaina–each of which also has OC3 connectivity.  The Cisco 6506 has a gigabit connection with the Cisco 6506-E switch, and both connect to a Cisco 3750 gigabit switch, which, in turn, connects to a LuxN WS-3208 which transmits data at gigabit speeds over fiber to the Maui Research and Technology Center (MRTC) in Kihei, Maui. UHMC data, along with other branches of the University and State Offices then share an OC3 fiber link to Oahu and the University of Hawaii at Manoa. This link is used for traditional data communication, while the microwave OC3 link is used primarily for teleconferencing; however each link provides valuable redundancy in case the other should fail.

Each building on the main campus in Kahului has a data room or closet.  The main swich for the building (either Cisco C3524, C3512 or C2960G or Allied Telesyn 8224XL or AT-FS709FC, depending on building traffic) is located in the data room along with necessary hubs which connect with computers in the building via Category 5, 5e or 6 cable.  The Ka`a`ike Technology Center also has fiber to offices, specific labs and classrooms, in addition to Category 5e.