• Migration
  • Enable IMAP in Gmail (if not viewing mail in Google@UH)
  • Select an IMAP mail client (Thunderbird, Mail, Outlook, etc.)
  • Thunderbird Set up
Migration to Gmail
Sharing Gmail Calendars
Sharing Outlook Calendars
In a browser go to http://gmail.hawaii.edu or http://www.hawaii.edu/google/.  Click on the blue Sign Up button.

Type in your UH Username and Password. Click on blue Login button.Image login page


Notice the number of messages in your account and an estimated duration time in the first sentence.  Select the day of migration by clicking on the date of any green available slot. Read the terms and put a checkmark in the acknowledgement box. Click on the blue Submit button.

image of available slots


Your selected date will be dark green in color and to the right will be available migration times for that day. If these times are not to your satisfaction, select another day and review its available timeshots. If necessary click on Next or Prev to change the month.  Notice the durations in ( ).  Ensure that the timeslot you select is longer than your estimated migration time found in the first line.  When you find a time that works for you, click to select it.   Read the terms and put a checkmark in the acknowledgement box. Click on the blue Submit button.

image of selected time


The next screen will display the status of your scheduled migration. Select a reminder if you wish.  Should you need to reschedule, go to    http://www.hawaii.edu/google/

Click on Check Migration Status and click on the blue Reschedule button.image of completed page


That’s it. You’ve just scheduled your UH email migration to Google@UH. When the migration has completed, you won’t have the ability to log into your UH email using UH Webmail or your email program. Initially view your email in Google@UH by going to: http://www.hawaii.edu/google/

To access your email, click on the red Gmail link.
image of sign in page


You will be asked to log in with your UH username and password.image of login page


Here is an example of my Inbox.  Click on Settings to customize your Gmail account.  If you will be viewing your email from a browser, your setup is finished.  Should you want to view your mail in another client, start by clicking on Help in the upper right corner.

image of inbox


Click on Gmail Help Center
image of help page


Gmail Help Center

Step 1 What is your Server Type

The majority of the UHMC campus use Thunderbird mail client with the IMAP mail server type and may continue with Step 2 after Step 1.  If your Thunderbird is configured with the POP3 Mail server type, get the information from Step 1 and let me know.  To check how you are configured:

  • Launch Thunderbird
  • Click on Tools
  • Select Account Settings
  • Click on Server Settings
  • Note your Server Type in the right pane


Step 2 Enabling IMAP

  • In Gmail Help Center, find Learn more about using Gmail section
  • Find Other ways to access Gmail
  • Click on IMAP
  • Find Getting Started
  • Click on Enabling IMAP
  • Sign in to Gmail
  • Click the gear icon in the upper-right and select Gmail settings at the top of any Gmail page
  • Click Forwarding and POP/IMAP
  • Select Enable IMAP.
  • Click on Save Changes, then click on Configuration instructions and go to Step 3.


Step 3 Select your IMAP mail client

The last step should bring you to the page below.  Select your mail client and follow the instructions.  If you wish to keep using Thunderbird, go to Step 4


Step 4 Thunderbird 3 Set up
Use the instructions below instead of what’s available in Gmail Help Center, as it has been customized for Google@UH.
Open Thunderbird.

    • Click the Tools menu, and select Account Settings…
    • Click on the Account Actions button
    • Select Add Mail Account… from the drop-down list located under the account list on the left.

  • The first dialog box in Thunderbird’s Automatic Account Configuration will be displayed.
  • Type in Your name as it will appear in your emails.
  • Your email address is <username>@hawaii.edu (where <username> is your UH username)
  • Type in your password. Uncheck Remember password
  • Click Continue


  • Click on Stop and type in the information below. Click on the Re-test configuration button.  Thunderbird will query the Gmail server and automatically configure the IMAP connection settings for the incoming and outgoing gmail.com server.


  • Username:  <username>@hawaii.edu
  • Incoming:  imap.gmail.com
  • Port:  993
  • Outgoing:  smtp.gmail.com
  • Port: 587
  • StartTLS  (**  Not SSL/TLS as erroneously stated in image below )
  • Re-test Configuration
  • If  all goes well, click on Create Account


  • Return to the Account Settings window and click on the <username>@hawaii.edu above Server Settings
  • In the Account Name type in “Gmail” before the <username>@hawaii.edu.
  • In Organization: type University of Hawaii Maui College
  • Click on Composition & Addressing:  Start your reply above or below the original message
  • In Addressing section, click on Use a different LDAP server:
  • In drop down box, change from None to UH DIrectory
  • Click OK

If your mail server type was IMAP and you were using Thunderbird, when you convert to Google@UH, you’ll be using the same address book and Local Folders.

When you feel confident that your Google@UH account setup is successful, then it’s time to delete the old mail.hawaii.edu account (the account without the word “Gmail”in the title) from Thunderbird using Account Actions in Account Settings.


UH ITS Google@UH Gmail FAQs  http://www.hawaii.edu/askus/?action=view&kbid=1157

FAQS  https://www.hawaii.edu/google/faq.html

Current Migration Issues  https://www.hawaii.edu/google/issues/

Check Migration Status  https://www.hawaii.edu/google/signup/index.php?page=status

Getting Started Guide (An interactive page with explanations on the components of the Gmail interface)

Google Apps Help   http://www.google.com/support/a/hawaii.edu/bin/topic.py?topic=10100&hl=en&labs=1&p=inbox

Last Revised 6/30/11