• Send request to add a friend’s calendar
  • Receive access to a friend’s calendar
  • Configuring calendar on mobile devices

Migration to Gmail
Sharing Gmail Calendars
Sharing Outlook Calendars

Congratulations.  You have successfully migrated to Google@UH and are reading your emails in a browser or mail client. You may have even populated your Google calendar with appointments and reminders. Now you would like to share Gmail calendars with members of your department. Here’s how.

In a browser go to http://www.hawaii.edu/google/
Click on the blue Calendar link on the bottom right.


Log in with your UH username and password.image of login page


To share your calendar with a friend, type their email address in the Other calendars section. Click the Enter key.image of calendar


A pop up window will appear on your monitor. If the contact email is correct click on Add.  Type in a message of your own, or use the canned message. Click on Send Request.image of request


Your friend will receive an email similar to this.image of email


If they haven’t already shared their calendar, they will need to go into their Settings, select Share this Calendar and allow the sharing of their calendar. In the Share with specific people section, enter the email address of the requestor and set the Permissions Settings to the appropriate access. Click Add Person and Save when done.  I strongly advise against selecting Share this calendar with others.image of settings


Once your friend has accepted your share request, you should receive an email like the one below.image of email


Go to your calendar and verify that their events, as well as your events are displayed in your calendar.image of calendar


To access instructions for configuring mobile devices, clicking on Help in the upper right corner.  It will take you to the page below.image

Click on Mobile Devices
Click on drop down arrow to select your mobile device.  Let’s use Android – Phone as an example.image

Select Google applications for Android.image

This is a partial list of Google apps for Android.  To view your Google calendar on your Android, click on the Calendar link.

At this point, start with the Overview for insight in deciding your access choice.image