Sync and Share Calendars Using Outlook 2010

  • Install Google sync application
  • Configure Outlook to share calendars
Migration to Gmail
Sharing Gmail Calendars
Sharing Outlook Calendars
Here are instructions on how to sync your Gmail calendar to Microsoft Outlook 2010 and share calendars with others.  This is a two part procedure; first to install the sync app on your computer, syncing the Google calendar with Outlook.  Next, to configure Outlook to display shared calendars.

Go to    Click on the Calendar link.image

Log in using your UH username and password.

Click on the Settings link.

Click on the Google Calendar Help Center link.image

Find the Access options section.  Click on Sync.image

Click on Introduction. Verify compatibility with your operating system.  Please let me know if you system isn’t compatible with Google Calendar Sync.

After confirming compatibility, click on the Getting Started link and follow the instructions.image

Now Outlook is in sync with your Google calendar.  Outlook has a feature to schedule a meeting with others. It will send an email to each invited person, including an available date and time, determined by you, when comparing their availabilities based on their calendars.  For our purposes I will focus on determining available time for a meeting with others.

Click on New Meeting.

Click on Scheduling.image

Add email addresses, one by one.image


Compare calendars.image