Develop awareness, explore opportunities, and experience careers through Cooperative Education, a special academic program integrating academic and career interest with paid or unpaid, career-related and productive work-based experiences.

Cooperative Education students are offered meaningful experiences and have the opportunity to:

  • Gain Valuable on-the-job training in a career of interest
  • Integrate classroom theories with real workplace situations
  • Establish networks and opportunities fro future employment
  • Develop skills, attitudes and behaviors necessary for effectiveness in the workplace

Once registered, our staff will assist students with internship placement as needed.  The Co-op program will provide relevant classroom instruction related to workplace professionalism, monitor learning and performance through student feedback and assignments, maintain contact with the mentor/supervisor to resolve any concerns, and provide coaching and counseling as needed.

As a UH Maui College Intern, you will be expected to:

  • Comply with regulations and policies of your internship site and the College
  • Participate as a fully contributing member of the work team
  • Make the best use of learning opportunities provided by the employer

Review our Frequently Asked Questions about Cooperative Education for more details.