Counseling NSR Checklist

//Counseling NSR Checklist
Counseling NSR Checklist2017-04-20T17:43:36+00:00
  • New Student e-Intake (please make sure students completed)

  • Banner SOATEST | Input high School GPA, grades, test scores

  • Banner SOAHOLD > Highlight AC > Remove > Save | Remove Academic Advising Hold

  • Banner SGAADVR > MACA > Check Primary Counselor | Assign Counselor

  • Health Clearance? (link to the form) | see Admission

  • Any College Credits? (SPEA students need Rollover Form)

  • Explore Life Goals and Career Goals

  • Choose a program and select courses (ALL NEW STUDENTS to TAKE an FY course)

  • Banner SGASADD > Enter FYM in “Attribute Code” field. The description “New Student” should automatically populate > Save | Input FY code in Banner

  • Correct Major in STAR? If not,
    (1) Call Financial Aid (x277) to verify changing is OK
    (2) Call Admissions & Records (x267) to change the major
    (3) Students fill out Change of Major Form and submit it to Admissions & Records (Admissions & Records to follow up w students)

  • Banner SFASRPO | Provide Override

  • Textbooks (bookstore website)

  • FAFSA / Financial Aid (x277)

  • UHMC Welcome (Wed., Aug 16) | Formal invitation will be sent to their UH email

  • FYE pathway Flier

  • Campus Resources (link)