Transferring Credits to University of Hawaii Maui College

For an official evaluation you must submit transcripts in an envelope by the college or university. Typically, these are sent directly from the college or university to UHMC’s Admissions and Records Office. In some cases, you may attach the transcripts in sealed envelopes to this request form.

Transcripts from other countries must be in English or translated into English. Translated course descriptions may also be required. It is highly recommended that you request course descriptions along with the request for your academic transcript.

Each branch of the military has a different service center holding your training and education records. You must have an official copy
mailed to the Admission and Records Office.

Normally when you register for the test, you may indicate colleges to which you wish to have your score results sent. If you did not have
the results sent to UHMC recently, then you need to request them. Your official score reports are available from one of these websites:

AP Services
CLEP Transcript Request Service


The University of Hawai‘I Maui College (UHMC) recognizes courses completed at other regionally accredited colleges and universities. Transcripts are evaluated by the transcript evaluator upon acceptance to a degree program at UHMC and upon receipt of the Transcript Evaluation Request From and Official Transcripts from previous institutions. Course descriptions, course outlines, and additional information may be necessary and requested of the student to aid further review of the student’s transcripts and for clarification purposes.

The Transcript Evaluation Request Form is available at the Admissions & Records Office, at the Counseling Department, and may be downloaded online. All transcript evaluation inquiries should be directed to the Admissions & Records Office ( or (808)984-2267).

Helpful YouTube video showing the transcript evaluation process:


Students who placed above the 101 level in Hawaiian or foreign languages offered at the College can receive, at no additional cost, credits for the courses for which they are exempted upon completing the next course in the sequence with grade C or higher. For example, upon completing 102 with a C or better, students will also earn the credit for 101; upon completing 202 with a C or better, students will also earn the credit for 101, 102, and 201. Students who place above the 202 level, including native speakers of the languages, can receive credit for the full course sequence provided they complete, with grade C or higher, any course in any field (e.g., history, literature, culture, language, Hawaiian studies, anthropology, education, or musicology) in which they make significant use of the language. The judgment as to “significant use” is normally made by the instructor of the course students have taken. If no classes above 202 are available that provide “significant use,” students or native speakers must pass the 202 course with grade C or better.

Implementation Guidelines below are available on “College Regulations” section of UHMC General Catalog, page 79-80 (PDF)

  1. Eligibility
  2. Placement Examination
  3. Bilinguals
  4. Back Credits/Grades:
  5. Transfer Credits
  6. Number of Languages
  7. Number of Credits
  8. Petition Forms

Prior Learning Assessment below are available on “College Regulations” section of UHMC General Catalog, page 79-80 (PDF)

  • Credit –by-Examination
  • Equivalency Examinations
    • CLEP
    • DSST
    • AP and IB Exams
  • Credit for Non-Collegiate Instruction
    • Credit for Military Education

Students wishing to request an exception to program requirements as stated in the Catalog should consult with a counselor and then contact the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs.

Transfer Credits from UHMC to Another College

Four-year colleges and universities have different lower division requirements, which change frequently. Students should select Maui College courses according to their intended major at the four-year institution where they plan to transfer. Students are responsible for identifying the specific requirements of the institution and program to which they plan to transfer. Students are encouraged to consult a counselor.

College catalogs are published once per year or less frequently and do not always reflect the most recent campus actions involving core courses.

Students who have earned an articulated Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree from a University of Hawai‘i Community College shall be accepted as having fulfilled the general education core requirements at all other University of Hawai‘i campuses. While an articulated A.A. degree satisfies general education core requirements, students must also complete all specialized lower-division, major, college, and degree/graduation requirements.

Additional campus-specific requirements, such as competency in a foreign language or writing-intensive courses, may also be required. With planning, most if not all of those requirements may be incorporated into the A.A. degree; if not, they are required in addition to the A.A. degree.

As requirements will differ among the colleges in the University of Hawai‘i system, each student should be guided by the most current information and consult Maui College counselors for assistance.

Before transferring to the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo, Manoa, or West Oahu, students should plan their Maui College academic program according to requirements of their intended major at the receiving institution. Students who intend to transfer are urged to verify Maui College course selections with a counselor for equivalency at the receiving institution before each semester’s registration.

College catalogs, published once per year or less frequently, do not always reflect the most recent campus actions involving UH system core courses. For more current information about core courses, students should check with a counselor, or check the UH System Course Transfer Database