The Construction Technology program offers students the choice to explore a variety of trades or focus on a specific area of interest. The following courses also include Technical Electives.

22 Blueprint Reading & Drafting
Introduces principles of pictorial and architectural drawing, interpretations of working drawings and specifications, and drafting practices. 3cr., 3hr. lect.

80 Basic Drafting
Recommended: ICS 101 or BUSN 150, and placement at ENG 100, or consent.
Provides basic instruction in blueprint reading and drafting. Covers manual drafting procedures and practices with an introduction to computer-aided drawing. Serves students preparing to be public school industrial arts teachers and those interested in a background in technical drawing. 3cr., 1hr. lect./4hr. lab

20 Basic Carpentry Skills
Prereq: ENG 19 with grade C or better or placement at least ENG 22, and at least MATH
22 with grade C or better (or concurrent); or consent. Introduces proper use and maintenance of carpentry hand and power tools. Practices selecting and using construction materials and fastening systems. 3cr., 1hr. lect./3hr. lab

41 Rough Carpentry
Prereq: CARP 20, or consent.
Introduces theoretical and on-the-job skills necessary to lay out and construct foundations, wall and ceiling framing, and roofing systems for residential and light commercial construction.
3cr., 4hr. lect./lab

42 Exterior Finishing
Prereq: CARP 20, or consent.
Covers theoretical and on-the-job skills necessary to install exterior windows, doors, roofing, siding, and decks in residential and light commercial construction. 3cr., 4hr. lect./lab

43 Interior Finish
Prereq: CARP 20, or consent.
Introduces interior finish of floors, walls, ceiling, trim and special feature applications in residential and light commercial construction. 3 cr., 4hr. lect./lab

20 Introduction to Electricity
Recommended: MATH 22.
Examines residential, commercial, and industrial wiring systems. Studies current, voltage, resistance, and Ohm’s Law. Discusses magnetism, electrical measurements, DC circuits, induction, and capacitance. 3cr., 3hr. lect.

23 Electrical Wiring I
Introduces principles of switching, circuits, code requirements, and appliances. Develops skill in practical applications. 2cr., 3hr. lect./lab

101 Introduction to Sustainable Technology
Prereq: ENG 19 with grade C or better or placement at least ENG 22, and MATH 22 or placement at least MATH 82, or consent.
Recommended: ICS 101 or BUSN 150, and placement at ENG 100.
Introduces alternative methods for meeting long term energy needs, identifies and explores local resources including demandside management of conventional gas and electric power and sustainable energy resources such as solar, wind, biomass, small hydroelectricity, geothermal, ocean thermal energy conversion, and alternative transportation fuel options. 3cr., 3hr. lect.

103 Energy Production Systems
Prereq: ENRG 101 (or concurrent), or consent.
Introduces theoretical concepts and practical applications of sustainable energy systems. Develops knowledge of photovoltaic, thermal, wind, hydro, ocean thermal, fossil, ocean wave, and absorption systems, with emphasis on solutions for residential and commercial applications in Hawai‘i. 3cr., 3hr. lect.

31 First Aid & Safety
Introduces standard first aid procedures. Describes immediate care given in case of an accident, sudden illness, or other medical emergency. Explains procedures to stop bleeding, treat poisoning, restore breathing, immobilize broken bones, and administer CPR. 1cr., 1hr. lect.

20 Introduction to Occupational Safety & Health I
Familiarizes student with practical applications of the William-Steiger Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 USDL. 1cr., 1hr. lect.

20 Introduction to Building Maintenance
Explores details of building construction and maintenance. Introduces fundamentals of building systems and operations of the maintenance department. 2cr., 3hr. lect./lab

30 Masonry
Introduces materials and explains techniques used in installing and repairing concrete, hollow tile, and related masonry construction. 2cr., 3hr. lect./lab

40 Painting and Decorating
Introduces materials and explains techniques used in applying and maintaining paints, wallpaper, and plaster. 2cr., 3hr. lect./lab

50 Plumbing I
Introduces materials and explains techniques used to install and maintain plumbing lines, fixtures, and controls. Emphasizes effective maintenance procedures for commercial structures. 2cr., 3hr. lect./lab

55 Plumbing II
Prereq: MAIN 50, or consent.
Studies the plumbing system of the typical single-family residential dwelling. Examines how local and national codes apply to residential units. 2cr., 3hr. lect./lab

60 Small Equipment Repair
Introduces the repair and maintenance of small engines, appliances, garden equipment, and power tools. Examines troubleshooting techniques and emphasizes repair fundamentals. 2cr., 3hr. lect./lab

65 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
Studies air conditioning systems of residential and commercial buildings. Explores various types of refrigeration systems popular today. Introduces concepts of planning, testing, troubleshooting, and balancing such systems. 2cr., 3hr. lect./lab

70 Preventive Maintenance
Explores principles of preventive maintenance: records maintenance, replacement schedules, rust prevention, and equipment maintenance and servicing. 2cr., 3hr. lect./lab

19D Welding for Construction Applications
Introduces theory and practices of arc welding of ferrous metals dealing with building construction applications. Includes procedures in flat, horizontal, and overhead work. Designed as a support course for trades. 3cr., 6hr. lect./lab
BUS/COM 130, COM 145 or SP 151
English 100 or 106
Cooperative Education 193(V)
Humanities elective (100 or above)
Natural Science elective (except PHYS 50)
Social Science elective (100 or above)

Program Coordinator

Cliff Rutherford

Academic Counseling

Linda Fujitani