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Sustainable Technology – Certificate of Competence

The Sustainable Technology Certificate of Competence introduces students to the current trends and developments in new technologies using wind, water, solar and green building. This specialization in sustainable technologies prepares students to work in renewable energy, construction, and other technical fields applying the principles of sustainability. Talk with your Counselor to explore how the new Sustainable Technology CO fits into your academic plan. If you have already taken some of the required courses, you may be closer than you realize to earning another Certificate that will help you advance your education and work opportunities. Available Fall 2016.

Requirements for Certificate of Competence (4 courses, 11-12 credit hours)

Introduction to Sustainability: (SSM 101 OR ENRG 101)
SSM 101 // Introduction to Science of Sustainability: Prereq: ENG 19 with grade C or better or placement at least ENG 22, and MATH 18 or placement at least MATH 82; or consent. Recommended: Placement at ENG 100. Introduces the science of sustainability including vocabulary and basic concepts in green building, water and wastewater, waste management, sustainable land use and planning, unique dimensions to island sustainability, transportation, sustainable materials choices and supply chains, energy efficiency, and policy strategies. 3 Credits

ENRG 101 // Introduction to Sustainable Technology: Prereq: ENG 19 with grade C or better or placement at least ENG 22, and MATH 18 or placement at least MATH 82, or consent. Recommended: ICS 101 or BUSN 150, and placement at ENG 100. Introduces alternative methods for meeting long term energy needs, identifies and explores local resources including demand-side management of conventional gas and electric power and sustainable energy resources such as solar, wind, biomass, small hydroelectricity, geothermal, ocean thermal energy conversion, and alternative transportation fuel options. 3 Credits

Drafting or Construction Skills: (AEC 80 OR BLPR 22 OR ICS 161 OR MAIN 50 OR 65 OR 70)
AEC 80 // Basic Drafting: Recommended: ICS 101 or BUSN 150, and placement at ENG 100, or consent. Provides basic instruction in blueprint reading and drafting. Covers manual drafting procedures and practices with an introduction to computer-aided drawing. Serves students preparing to be public school industrial arts teachers and those interested in a background in technical drawing. 3 Credits

BLPR 22 // Blueprint Reading & Drafting : Introduces principles of pictorial and architectural drawing, interpretations of working drawings and specifications, and drafting practices. 3 Credits

ICS 161 // Introduction to Computer Graphics: Prereq: ICS 101 (or concurrent) or BUSN 150, or consent. Introduces computer graphics tools and concepts in digital image editing, illustration graphics, print and web design, and 2D and 3D animation. (Crosslisted as ART 161.) 3 Credits (HE, DA)
MAIN 50 // Plumbing I: Introduces materials and explains techniques used to install and maintain plumbing lines, fixtures, and controls. Emphasizes effective maintenance procedures for commercial structures. 2 Credits

MAIN 65 // Air Conditioning and Refrigeration: Studies air conditioning systems of residential and commercial buildings. Explores various types of refrigeration systems popular today. Introduces concepts of planning, testing, troubleshooting, and balancing such systems. 2 Credits

MAIN 70 // Preventive Maintenance: Explores principles of preventive maintenance: records maintenance, replacement schedules, rust prevention, and equipment maintenance and servicing. 2 Credits

Renewable Energy: (ENRG 103)
ENRG 103 // Energy Production Systems: Prereq: ENRG 101 (or concurrent), or consent. Introduces theoretical concepts and practical applications of sustainable energy systems. Develops knowledge of photovoltaic, thermal, wind, hydro, ocean thermal, fossil, ocean wave, and absorption systems, with emphasis on solutions for residential and commercial applications in Hawai‘i. 3 Credits

Green Building: (SSM 201)
SSM 201 // Sustainable Building Design, Construction and Operations: Prereq: SSM 101 and ENRG 101 both with grade C or better, or consent. Introduces principles of green building design and operations, including site planning and zoning, construction practices, energy efficiency, economics of green building, benefits and barriers, and the LEED rating system. 3 Credits (EA)

Total: 4 courses, 11-12 credit hours

Program Coordinator

Cliff Rutherford

Academic Counseling

Linda Fujitani



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