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Our Mission:

The UH Maui College Dental Assisting Program is dedicated to educating and preparing dental assisting leaders for careers in a diverse and changing health care environment and providing a liberal education as well as outstanding clinical experiences.

The curriculum reflects the core values of the dental profession in private and public health settings. The program is committed to creating a humanistic, educational environment that will facilitate the development of responsible, ethical, oral health professionals who are sensitive to patient needs and competent in all areas of dental assisting. The program strives to produce graduates who are confident and compassionate in their profession and competent in self-assessment in preparation for lifelong learning.

Educational and clinical services provided by dental assisting students include dental health education, disease prevention, and promoting the highest standards of oral health care for a diverse population of patients.



  • English 22–C or better, or placement in ENG 100
  • Biology 100

Student Learning Outcomes: