Requirements for Associate in Science (AS) Degree: 85 credits

The following minimum courses (19 credits) are required of students entering the Dental Hygiene program: ENG 100(3); MATH 100, 103, or
115(3); MICR 130(3) and MICR 140(2); PHYL 141(3), PHYL 141L(1), PHYL 142(3), and PHYL 142L(1) all with grade C or better. General Education AS credits (see below) may be completed early to reduce course-load and be more competitive in the selection process. Science lecture courses required for admission have a 10-year time limit, which must be completed within the last 10 years prior to application deadline. A “lab” course (e.g., PHYL 141L/142L) does not have a time limit, and may be repeated online in the UH system as a 3-credit lecture-only course.

All prerequisite courses(28) cited above plus:
Dental Hygiene 150(2), 153(2), 155(1), 156(3), 158(2),  252(1), 252L (2), 254(3), 255(2), 256(2), 257(2), 258(2), 260(4), 261(2), 262(5), 263(5), 264(2), 265(1), 266(2), 267(1)
Biochemisty 141(3)
Food Science & Human Nutrition 285(3)
Pharmacology 203(3)
Psychology 100 (3)                                                                                                                                                                                                           Sociology 100(3)
Speech 151 or Communication 130(3)
Humanities elective(3)
Grade C or better is required in all General Education and didactic Dental Hygiene courses, and Grade B or better in all clinical DH courses.

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