Certificate of Achievement

The 31-32 credit Certificate of Achievement marks the halfway point in the Associate’s degree.

Early Childhood Education Certificate of Achievement (31-32 credits):

      Education 105(3), 131(3), 190 or 191v(4)**


      Human Services 110(3)


      Education or Family Resources courses(6)***


      Humanities or Natural Science elective (3-4)


      Philosophy 110* or Mathematics 103, 111, or 115(3)

(MATH 103 strongly recommended)

      Psychology 100, or Sociology 100, or Anthropology 200(3)


    English 100(3)

* Note: Students using PHIL 110 to meet this requirement must place at the MATH 100 level in order to graduate.

** Note: Students may be required to obtain a physical or doctor’s note, and to be fingerprinted, all at students’ expense.

*** Note: Electives related to students’ specialization or occupational interest as determined with program advisor.