Electronic & Computer Engineering Technology Program
The Electronic & Computer Engineering Technology (ECET) program provides students with the skills and knowledge required for entry level employment within the high-technology industry as electronic technicians, telecom technicians, network administrators, Windows/Unix system administrators, or high performance computer technicians.
The ECET program works closely with its high-technology industry advisory board to insure students gain skills required for employment with local companies. The program provides internship and job placement opportunities in a variety of engineering technology positions. The ECET program offers a career-ladder with three levels of competency:

1) A Certificate of Completion (CC) for course work in Electronics and Computer fundamentals.

2) A Certificate of Achievement (CA) with math, physics, and computer science basics.

3) An Associate in Science (AS)degree that provides training in:

• Electronic Engineering Technology, which includes electro-optics instrumentation, adaptive optics for astronomical applications, detectors, amplifiers, power supplies, computer hardware, and robotics; or
• Computer Engineering Technology, which includes Windows and Unix system administration, routers, hubs, switches, and High Performance Computing (HPC) Technology, which focuses on installation, maintenance, and programming of HPC cluster computers.

The ECET AS degree can also provide the lower division pathway to the Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Engineering Technology (ENGT).

Check out the ECET Tutorial site developed as an Engineering Technology capstone project.

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