Electronic & Computer Engineering Technology (ECET)

New Curriculum Effective Fall 2015.
Get hands-on with high tech. UH Maui College’s ECET program prepares students to work in high-technology industry as electronic /electro-optic technicians, renewable energy technicians, telecom technicians, and network system administrators. The Associate in Science (AS) degree in ECET can be completed in two years. Students can pursue with UHMC’s Engineering Technology (ENGT) program for another two more years, therefore earning a Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degree in ENGT in 4 years* (8 full-time semesters).


Certificate of Competence (C))
Certificate of Achievement (CA)
Associate in Science (AS)

*Program length depends on student placement and credit load.

The Electronic & Computer Engineering Technology (ECET) program leading to an Associate in Science degree provides students with the skills and knowledge required for entry level employment within the high-technology industry as electronic /electro-optic technicians, renewable energy technicians, telecom technicians, and network system administrators. Students learn fundamental engineering concepts, computer programming, mathematics, and physics relevant to a wide variety of industries on Maui. Training, equipment, and supplies are provided for 3-D printing and circuit board fabrication. Software applications for circuit simulation, CAD, finite element analysis, and microprocessor control are utilized. The program requires written and verbal proficiencies and emphasizes laboratory competencies. Internship and job placement opportunities in a variety of engineering technology positions are provided. The ECET program also includes a Certificate of Competence (CO) in Cybersecurity.

The ECET program offers different levels of educational opportunity:

  • Certificate of Competence for coursework in electronics and computer fundamentals.
  • Certificate of Competence in Cybersecurity.
  • Certificate of Achievement with electronics, math, physics, and computer basics.
  • Associate in Science degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering Technology, including electro-optics instrumentation, adaptive optics for astronomical applications, detectors, robotics, and computer hardware. The scheduling is designed for a cohort of students to complete the AS degree program in four semesters.
  • Lower division pathway to the Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Engineering Technology (ENGT). Courses that are prerequisites to the BAS require a grade C or better.

Admission process

For admission to the UH Maui College ECET program, complete all required steps outlined below. Applications will be reviewed on a first come – first served basis.

1) Complete the Math and English COMPASS tests. (ECET courses require specific placement scores.)

2) Contact the program coordinator, Mark Hoffman (by email at or at 984-3321), or the program counselor, Kulamanu Ishihara (by email at or at 984-3272), to schedule an application review counseling session and create an academic plan of study. Math and English COMPASS scores are required for counseling (CMPW 74 and CMPA 75)

Upon successful completion of the ECET Program, the student should be able to:

  1. Analyze, design, and implement electro-optic systems, control systems, instrumentation systems, communication systems, computer systems, or power systems.
  2. Apply project management techniques to electrical/electronic(s) and computer systems.
  3. Utilize appropriate mathematics at the level of algebra and trigonometry to solve technical problems.
  4. Demonstrate critical engineering technology skills and experiences such as: making existing technology operate, creating/selecting new technology, troubleshooting, calibrating, characterizing, and optimizing.
  5. Demonstrate engineer’s way of thinking, analyzing technology as systems.
  6. Demonstrate engineer professional skills such as communication and managing projects.
  7. Demonstrate proficiency in the general education college core requirements: creativity, critical thinking, oral and written communication, information retrieval, quantitative reasoning.
  8. Demonstrate a respect for diversity and knowledge of contemporary professional, societal and global issues.
  9. Commit to quality, timeliness, and continuous improvement.

All CO Information Security Specialist courses(12) plus: English 100(3) Information & Computer Science 281(3) and 282(3) Mathematics 103 or 115(3)

Electronics 105(4), 106(4)
English 100(3)
Information & Computer Science 110(3), 111(4)
Physics 105(4) – Natural Science elective
Mathematics 119(4)
All CA courses (26) plus:
Electronics 140(4), 161(3), 201(4), 205(4), 210(3), 212(3), 296(3)
Electronics/ICS 193v(1), 293v(1)
Communication elective(3) – 100 or above
ENG 210 (3)- Humanities elective
Social Science elective(3) – 100 or above

Cohort takes courses in this sequence:

Electronic and Computer Engineering Technology (ECET)  Associate in Science (AS)  Degree Program Map

First Semester (Fall)
*ETRO 105 Electronic Circuit Analysis I
*ENG 100 Composition I
*ICS 110 Introduction to Computer Programming***
*MATH 119 Engineering Pre-Calculus****
Social Science elective 100 or above


Second Semester (Spring)
*ETRO 106 Electronic Circuit Analysis II
*ICS 111 Introduction to Computer Science I
*PHYS 105 Principles of Technology
Communication elective 100 or above


Third Semester (Fall)
ETRO 140 Computer Networking I
ETRO 193v Internship I
ETRO 201 Digital Computer Technology I
ETRO 210 Electronic Technology I
ENG 210** Humanities elective


Fourth Semester (Spring)
ETRO 161 Introduction to Optics & Photonics
ETRO 205 Digital Computer Technology II
ETRO 212 Electronic Technology II
ETRO 293v Engineering Technology Internship II
ETRO 296 Special Projects in Electronic Technology


*Note: Courses required for the Certificate of Achievement
**Note: Course is prerequisite to the BAS in Engineering Technology. Students not planning to pursue the BAS should see program
advisor about substituting another course from the corresponding elective list.
***Note: ICS 101 with grade C or better, or consent is a prerequisite for ICS 110.
****Note: or MATH 135 and MATH 140