Graduate Testimonial

Name:Bradley Duran
Graduate: Spring and Fall 2007
Years working in the field: 3 years
Field Type: IT
Title: IT Specialist

What are your thoughts on ECET?
Prior to attending MCC I’ve had very little computer experience. The ECET program introduced me to the wide and exciting field of electronics and computer engineering. It gave me the motivation and foundation to later on pursue a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at the University of Hawaii at Hilo.

What attracted you to ECET?
The hands-on labs, one-on-one instruction, and great programming classes were fun and challenging. Some of the skills I learned in class were then put to use while doing several different internships in Sustainable Technology and at the Pacific Disaster Center.

What projects have you done? Or currently doing?
I’m aiding in the maintenance, upgrade, and operation of the campuses computers. I’m also helping out with data requests that are asked by faculty and staff when needed.

How has/have your internship(s) benefited you educationally? Or in the field?
The internships that I had gave me some basic skills in web development andPC upgrade and maintenance . These skills were then augmented when attending UH-Hilo as the education there explained more of the ‘why’ of what I was doing.

What do you like most about your internship(s)?
Probably the best part of the internships was the ability to network with a variety of people and also to see my education being applied to the real world rather than just experiencing it through a textbook.

If you could say something to high school students or someone changing professions, who is looking at ECET, what would you say to them?
ECET is a great way to get your ‘foot in the door’ if you’re interested in the electronics or computer fields. Take advantage of the ties that ECET has to the local industry here on Maui as it will open many opportunities for you.

Anything else interesting we should know?
In a field where technology is constantly changing, a strong foundation in the fundamentals will always help you to deal with the new technologies as time goes by.