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Graduate Testimonial

Ron Magarin

Ron Magarin

Name: Ronald Magarin
Status: Graduated
Years working in the field: 2 years
Field Type: IT
Title: IT Specialist

What are your thought on ECET?
ECET dips into a little of everything. You get to learn about different paths and let you decide which way you want to go. Depending on your interests, whether it is optics networking, etc.

What attracted you to ECET?

I was always into electronics and computers when i was younger and it was a profession that i could see myself working in.

What project have you done? or currently doing?
The project that I did for my internship dealt with the effects of the atmosphere when looking at distant object through a ground based telescope.

How has/have your internship(s) benefited you educationally? Or in the field?
My internship gave me insight of what different paths were available locally.

What do you like most about your internship(s)?
I liked experimenting with different methods to come up with a solution.

If you could say something to high school students or someone changing professions, who is looking at ECET, what would you say to them?
ECET is a great way to get the education that you need to start working in a lot of different fields.

Anything else interesting we should know?
Not really…