Graduate Testimonial

Name: Sunny Cabello
Status: Graduate
Years working in field: 2
Field Type: IT
Title: PC Admin

What are your thoughts on ECET?
I liked the environment and the hands on learning. Especially because that is the way I learn best. The teachers were knowledgeable and their style of teaching was excellent. What made the world of difference were the friends that I made through the program. With their support we were able to get through the program together.

What attracted you to ECET?
The counselor and co-op instructor told me to do it.

What projects have you done? Or currently doing?
I worked on some programming and database projects with Boeing, MHPCC, and Akimeka; and some hands-on work with MCC.

How has/had/have your internship(s) benefitted you educationally? Or in the field?

It has helped a lot. Especially to see how I can use the stuff I learn in school out in the field. If I had more internships, I would probably still be working in the field. And whatever we learned in class, (because of the internship) I could see how it was important in the field and would be able to learn better and retain the information longer.

What do you like most about your internship(s)?
The relevance to the degree program and the networking I did with other people in the field.

If you could say something to high school students or someone changing professions, who is looking at ECET, what would you say to them?
Do it, because they teach you a lot of foundation skills and critical thinking skills. Even if you don’t end up in the field years later, the thinking and analytical skills that you learn are valuable in any profession.

Anything else interesting we should know?
Don’t think it’s easy. It’s not. And don’t think that it’s a degree that anyone can do. It’s not. It’s hard but so worth it! But beware!!!! People will think you can help them fix their computer… just gently let them know that ECET is not all about fixing computers.