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[BUS6820] – Maui Food Innovation Accelerator Program

This 8-week training will feature guest speakers and industry experts who will work with participants to develop their product and their business. Weekly meetings cover the nuts and bolts of food production, business planning, marketing, financing, sourcing supplies and other food business challenges. A panel of judges will choose 3 top business pitches and winners will share the award of $15,000.

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 Food Industry Fundamentals

We are excited to offer the following Food Innovation courses ONLINE! In this series developed by the Maui Food Innovation Center, national food-marketing expert, Lou Cooperhouse, takes you from market overview to legal and safety details. Find the edge you need in the food marketplace and help connect our local food businesses to tables everywhere! Learn more about the Maui Food Innovation Center.

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[BUS8805] Food Industry Fundamentals: A Four Course Series
This bundled series of all four online courses developed by national food-marketing expert, Lou Cooperhouse, guides participants through an overview of the specialty foods market in Food Trends: Finding Your Niche in the Specialty Food Industry, how to develop a new food product in Food Product Development and Technology Essentials, the essentials of Quality Assurance and Food Safety Principles, and Good Manufacturing Practices for Food Producers. Participants learn the fundamentals of the food marketplace in Hawaiʻi and earn a Certificate of Completion.

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The Employment and Training Fund (ETF) Program was established by the Hawaii State Legislature in 1991. Its purpose is to enhance business growth and improve the long-term employability of Hawaii’s people. ETF provides businesses with the opportunity to upgrade the skills of their workforce. This funding is available to eligible Hawaii employers. To apply for the 50% discount (reduces cost of 4-course bundle to $69.50), complete this form and fax to Workforce Development at 808-984-2090. To receive the discount, DO NOT register for the courses online. You must receive approval prior to registration. Please contact EdVenture at 984-3231 with any questions.

You may also take the courses individually (ETF discount not applicable on individual courses):

[BUS6801] Food Trends: Finding your Niche in the Specialty Foods Industry
Prepared foods are a tremendous market opportunity in Hawai’i—whether these are sold in local and regional markets, or to global markets via export. Learn about the various channels of distribution for prepared foods, the size and growth of these categories, the features today’s consumers are seeking, and how foods can be differentiated to stand out in the marketplace and command a premium price.

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[BUS6802] Food Product Development and Technology Essentials
This course will move from “farm to fork” to explore the many product development technologies that can be utilized for optimal quality and enhanced food safety. These include good agricultural practices (GAPs), cold chain management, product formulation options, thermal and non-thermal processing technologies, extended shelf-life packaging considerations, and best practices in distribution. Innovative technologies such as modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), sous vide, cook chill, and high pressure processing will be discussed as well.  You’ll learn current best practices in product development, and how to optimize product quality.

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[BUS6803] Quality Assurance and Food Safety Principles
Farmers, processors, retailers and food service operators must have an understanding of the principles of food safety in order to minimize risk to the public. In this course, you’ll learn how to create a holistic food safety and quality system—including management commitment, facility infrastructure requirements, sanitation, pest control, personnel practices, training, microbiological testing, traceability and crisis management, food security, and HACCP.  An overview of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and third-party food safety and quality certification programs will be provided.

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[BUS6804] Good Manufacturing Practices for Food Producers
GMPs are mandated in all food processing facilities, and it’s critical that processors follow these basic instructions for making a safe, sanitary product. This course provides instruction for following GMPs, along with best practices for employee hygiene, environmental sanitation and product storage and handling.  It meets the general training requirements per FDA and USDA regulations for all employees at all levels within a company.

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The Maui Food Innovation Center (FIC) is partially funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Labor in the amount of $759,350. Funding does not pay for student costs to participate. The FIC program is an equal opportunity employer/program.  Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.