The Electronic & Computer Engineering Technology (ECET) program provides students with the skills and knowledge required for entry level employment in high-technology industry as electronic technicians, telecom technicians, network administrators, Windows/Unix system administrators, or high performance computer technicians. The program works closely with its high-technology industry advisory board to ensure students gain skills required for employment in local companies. The program provides internship and job placement opportunities in a variety of engineering technology positions.

The ECET program offers a career-ladder with three levels of competency: Certificate of Completion for coursework in electronics and computer fundamentals; Certificate of Achievement with math, physics, and computer science basics; and Associate in Science degrees in:

Electronic Engineering Technology, including electro-optics instrumentation, adaptive optics for astronomical applications, detectors,robotics and computer hardware.
Computer Engineering Technology, including system and network administration and high performance computing technology.The ECET AS degree can also provide the lower division pathway to the Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Engineering Technology. Designated Technical electives** meet all lower division requirements for the BAS in Engineering Technology.


Students entering the program must create an academic plan of study prior to the first semester of classes by contacting the program counselor Kulamanu Ishihara by email at or at 984-3272.

Requirements for Certificate of Completion (CC):  10 credits
Electronics 101(3), 102(4) Information & Computer Science 101(3)


Requirements for Certificate of Achievement (CA):  24 credits
All CC courses(10) plus:
English 100(3)
Information & Computer Science 110(3)
Physics 105(4) – Natural Science elective
Mathematics 107(4)


Requirements for Associate in Science (AS) Degree:  74 credits
All CA courses(24) plus:
Electronics 105(4), 140(4), 201(4), 205(4), 298(4)
Electronics/ICS 193v(1), 293v(1)
Information & Computer Science 111(4)
BUS/COM 130 or COM 145(3) -Communication elective
Humanities elective(3) -100 or above
Sociology 100 or Psychology 100(3) -Social Science elective
Technical electives(15) taken from this list:
Electronic Engineering Tech: ETRO 106(4), 110(4)**, 112(4)**,
130(4), 160(1), 161(3)**, 166(3), 240(4)**, 285(3)
Computer Engineering Tech:  ICS 151C(3), 211(3), 251(4),
 252(4), 258(3), 275(4), 298(4)


Full-time students would take courses in this sequence:
First Semester (Fall) – CC requirements   Credits
*ETRO 101 Intro to Electronics Technology 3
*ETRO 102 Instrumentation for Engineering Tech 4
*ICS 101 Digital Tools for the Information World 3
Second Semester (Spring) Credits
ETRO 105 Electronic Circuit Analysis I 4
ETRO 161 Intro to Optics & Photonics** 3
       *MATH 107 Math for Electronics & Computers 4
       *ENG 100 Composition I 3
Third Semester (Fall) Credits
ETRO 140 Computer Networking I 4
ETRO 201  Digital Computer Technology 4
*ICS 110 Intro to Computer Programming 3
*PHYS 105 Principles of Technology 4
Fourth Semester (Spring)  Credits
ETRO 110 Electronic Technology I** 4
ETRO 205  Digital Computer Technology I 4
ICS 111 Intro to Computer Science I 4
Fifth Semester (Fall) Credits
*ETRO/ICS 193v Internship I
ETRO 112 Electronic Technology II** 4
BUS/COM 130 or COM 145 - Communication elective 3
SOC 100 or PSY 100 – Social Science elective 3
Sixth Semester (Spring) Credits
ETRO 240 Computer Networking II** 4
ETRO 293v Internship II 1
ETRO 298  Special Project in Electronics Technology 4
Humanities elective – 100 or above 3


  * Note: Courses required for the Certificate of Achievement.
** Note: Course is prerequisite to the BAS in Engineering Technology. Students not planning to pursue the BAS should see program advisor about substituting another course from the Technical elective list.