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English (ENG) Class description

210 Research Writing

Prereq: ENG 100 with grade C or better, or consent.
Practices inventing, developing, organizing, and writing complex theses and analyses. Empahsizes critical thinking and research.
3cr., 3hr. lect.

316 Advanced Research Writing

Prereq: ENG 209 or 210 with grade C or better, or consent. Recommended: One of the ENG 250 series: 250, 251, 252, 253, 254, 255, 256, 257, 257E, 257F, or 257R.
Provides advanced knowledge in how to plan, develop, organize, and edit writing projects with clarity and precision. Emphasizes critical thinking skills, social, ethical, and political argument, and the ability to write a variety of work, including research projects in specific fields of study using appropriate documentation styles. 3cr., 3hr. lect.

Math (MATH) Class description

219 Calculus for Engineering Technology

Prereq: MATH 107 or 140 or higher, PHYS 105 or higher, and ETRO 112, all with grade C or better; or consent.
Coreq: PHYS 219 and ETRO 305

Studies mathematical concepts and procedures useful in the study of engineering technology. Utilizes the capabilities of software such as MATLAB and its applications to find and visualize solutions to technical and engineering problems. Includes hands-on engineering mathematics examples. Utilizes vectors, integral and differential calculus in two and three dimensions. 3cr., 3hr. lect.

Physics (PHYS) Class description

219 Physics for Engineering Technology

Prereq: PHYS 105 or higher, and ETRO 112, both with grade C or better; or consent.
Coreq: MATH 219 and ETRO 305

Applies graphical simulations, computational analysis, and computer modeling in the study of electromagnetic systems. Studies electric charges and electromagnetic field theory. Investigates Maxwell’s equations by utilizing applied graphical simulations and computational analysis. Includes hands-on exercises and inquiries. 3cr., 4hr. lect./lab

Psychology (PSY)/Communication (COM) Class description

353 Conflict Management & Resolution

Prereq: ENG 100, PSY 100, or SOC 100, any with grade C or better; and BUS/COM 130, COM 145, or COM 210, any with grade C or better; or consent. Recommended: PSY 253/COM 215.
Examines communication and behavior in interpersonal conflict through analysis of professional and personal relationships. Assesses political, social, and cultural influences on conflict, and applies Western and Polynesian models of dispute resolution processes in relational conflict. (Crosslisted as PSY 353.)
3cr., 3hr. lect.

Philosophy (PHIL) class description

301 Ethical Theory

Prereq: ENG 100 and ENG 210 or 316 orPHIL 100, 101, 102, 110, both with grade C or better, or consent.
Investigates problems and methods in theory of moral conduct and decisionmaking. Discusses primary source materials, meta-ethics, and normative theories as well as applied ethics.
3 cr., 3hr. lect. (DH)