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English (ENG) Class description

316 Advanced Research Writing

Prereq: ENG 209 or 210 with grade C or better, or consent. Recommended: One of the ENG 250 series: 250, 251, 252, 253, 254, 255, 256, 257, 257E, 257F, or 257R.
Provides advanced knowledge in how to plan, develop, organize, and edit writing projects with clarity and precision. Emphasizes critical thinking skills, social, ethical, and political argument, and the ability to write a variety of work, including research projects in specific fields of study using appropriate documentation styles. 3cr., 3hr. lect.

Math (MATH) Class description

205 Calculus I

Prereq: MATH 140 with grade C or better or placement at MATH 205, and ENG 100 with grade C or better (or concurrent), or consent.
Explores basic concepts of differential and integral calculus. Reviews functions, focuses on differentiation and its applications. Introduces integration. 4cr., 4hr. lect. (FS)

Physics (PHYS) Class description

219 Physics for Engineering Technology

Prereq: PHYS 105 or higher and MATH 205, both with grade C or better; or consent.
Applies graphical simulations, computational analysis, and computer modeling in the study of electromagnetic systems. Studies electric charges and electromagnetic field theory. Investigates Maxwell’s equations by utilizing applied graphical simulations and computational analysis. Includes hands-on exercises and inquiries. 3cr., 4hr. lect./lab (DP/DY)

Communication (COM) Class description

459 Intercultural Communication II

Prereq: ENG 100 with grade C or better, or consent
Surveys the major factors affecting interpersonal communication between/ among members of different cultures. Expands breadth and depth of knowledge of cultural, social, and political influences on intercultural communication. Focuses on theory, research, and managing intercultural effectiveness globally. 3cr., 3hr. lect. (DS)

Philosophy (PHIL) Class description

301 Ethical Theory

Prereq: ENG 100 and ENG 210 or 316 orPHIL 100, 101, 102, 110, both with grade C or better, or consent.
Investigates problems and methods in theory of moral conduct and decisionmaking. Discusses primary source materials, meta-ethics, and normative theories as well as applied ethics.
3 cr., 3hr. lect. (DH)

323 Professional Ethics

Prereq: ENG 100, or consent
Examines major ethical theories and principles relevant to decision-making in professional situations. Includes experiential and self reflective methodologies as well as theoretical perspectives. 3cr., 3hr. lect. (DH)

Humanities (HUM) Class description

400 Changes & Choices

Prereq: ENG 316, or consent.
Explores ways in which the humanities can contribute to personal and work lives, especially as individuals face change and make decisions. Analyzes how individuals worldwide examine circumstances including the changing landscape of living among people of various beliefs and cultures, making decisions, and dealing with consequences of such decisions. Examines the onset of other choices presented to us as a result of the original decisions made, or alternatively, made for us by our choosing not to engage in the process. 3cr., 3hr. lect. (DH)