Scholarship Season is On

///Scholarship Season is On

Scholarship Season is On

The 2014-15 Scholarship/Financial Aid Season is now through April 1, 2014.  Students who will be attending college in the next academic year and are interested in finding funding for their education should look into all available options.  This overview of the  FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) ( will help you understand how the FAFSA is used to determine financial need and award packages.

Students with financial need are eligible for federal Pell Grants and student loans as well as need-based scholarships.  Students without financial need are eligible for federal student loans, federal parent PLUS loans, and Education Tax Credits that can lower their taxes.  They are also eligible for merit-based scholarships.

How do you know if you would be eligible for need- or merit-based aid?  Try the FAFSA4Caster ( link for more information. Scholarships are competitive, so you must apply for them.  See EOC’s Scholarship Listing page for current scholarships.

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