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As the recipient of one of 16 Department of Energy Clean Cities EV readiness grants, our project to get Maui ready for plug-in electric vehicles, or PHEV for short, involves stakeholders from our community. With Maui named the number one tourist destination in the world for the 20th consecutive year by Conde Nast, our plan is to give our visitors the ultimate EV paradise. <Return to main home page.>

Maui joins World EV Cities as partner city. Listen to skype interview (scroll down to Maui)

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Congratulations to the WINNERS of free weekend EV rental

From Hawaiian Electric Vehicle Network (HEVN) at the 90th Maui Fair

  • Lauren Wilson
  • Lachelle Sakamoto
  • Daniel Baston
  • Kathy Wade

From Enterprise Rentacar

  • Randy Braa (National Plug-in Day UH Swap Meet)
  • Randy Griebenow (90th Maui Fair)


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