What are you doing on April 22nd?

A year ago, Maui EVA celebrated Earth Day with interviews, presentations, and panel discussion by EV experts and owners at our new science building. [April 2013 Newsletter] Since our project finale meeting on Nov 15, 2013, we have had two more conferences at the Honua Kai Resort & Spa and Grand Wailea Resort & SPa and submitted our final management report to the Dept of Energy and a chapter on Maui EVA for a book to be published by the International Energy Agency. [More at http://maui.hawaii.edu/eva/home/]

To celebrate the end of our project, we invite you to UHMC for Earth Day.

This year, we are proud to announce the blessing of two sets of level 2 charging stations for electric vehicles, followed by a host of activities including music and film documentaries.

About a year ago, Hawaiian Electric Vehicle Network (HEVN) gifted us with the first level 2 charging station – a Siemens unit – at our Auto Shop. After a year of test runs, we are developing an EV parking and charging policy as the number of EV adopters continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

We have since then invested in four duo-port Chargepoint level two charging stations and level 1 outlets. Installed by Johnson Controls and HNU Energy, they are available free of charge through Chargepoint RFID cards and smartphone chargepoint apps.
Attn: EV drivers – to use, just sign-up to become a member via http://www.chargepoint.com and do please arrive early to park in the coned off stalls under the car port for a photo shoot before lunch.

Earth Day is a day set aside annually on April 22nd  to inspire awareness and appreciation of the Earth’s natural environment and to acknowledge environmentalists’ concerns. It is the only event celebrated all over the world without considering faith, nationality or background of those celebrating.

Please click the links below for more information on the schedule of activities on Earth Day.

Hope to see you at UH Maui College on April 22nd!

Tuesday April 22nd EARTH DAY JAM!  — EV for Earth Day  — Earth Day Invitation new!
Earth Day 2014 at UHMC

Earth Day 2014 at UHMC