Frequently Asked Questions

Consider downloading a very good reference guide PDF from Dept of Energy’s Clean Cities Project. Below are FAQs from other reliable sources.

One of the most frequently asked questions is — where are charging stations located? There is no SINGLE map that shows this. Instead, we link to the ones we know about below, including both searchable online maps and mobile applications.

  • On Maui: charging stations available to the public on Bio-Beetle’s Map
  • Hawaii State Energy Office/DBEDT keeps a list in alphabetical order PDF
  • Department of Energy lists by type of station, searchable by zip code
  • A free mobile application called Car Stations
  • For Hawaii, Better Place is rolling out 120 charge points, the largest for Better Place in the USA and the largest deployment in Hawaii
  • Carwings application that comes with the Nissan Leaf, see video
  • Ford Focus Electric My Ford Touch, see video
  • Chevrolet Volt comes with OnStar, see video
  • EV charger locator iphone

Another FAQ is legislation on electric vehicles in Hawaii. ANSWER HERE

Apparently acronyms keep changing in this emerging market. Is a charger same as a charging station? See below.

If the above does not whet your appetite, consider downloading one of the juicy reports below.

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