Tuesday, February 17, 2004

4:00 p.m., Ka Lama 102


Present:  Kate Acks, Pat Adams, Eric Arquero, Scott Broadbent, Kathryn Fletcher, Steve George, Marge Kelm, Robyn Klein, Bev  Lashley,  Diane Meyer, Karen Muraoka, Wallette Pellegrino, Jeannie Pezzoli, Kiope Raymond, Suzette Robinson, Alvin Tagomori


Acting Chief Academic Officer Suzette Robinson conducted the meeting.   Chancellor Sakamoto requested input for his “Taking Stock” presentation on February 25.   Committee members discussed budget information for the next biennium budget. 



Administrative Services

·         Has done an 8-year budget plan and has submitted it to the Chancellor.



·         Has also developed an 8-year budget plan.  A spreadsheet was distributed to committee members.  The plan includes different emerging fields and current needs in terms of job outlook. 

·         Six major issues were addressed

o        Computer and Mathematics: Associate Degree in IS, faculty, upgrading computers

o        Health Care (health support and practitioners, home care); Science/Health facility (health and science faculty)

o        Community, social service and education:  training educational assistants, provide care givers options, social service and community service, drug abuse counselors

o        Construction:  construction technology program with sustainable technology, drafting, building maintenance under one umbrella

o        Emerging fields:  environmental and bioscience

o        Astronomy:  campus-based astronomy dome


University Center and Office of Continuing Education and Training

·         Suzette will be meeting with Karen Muraoka and Vaughn Baker to review budget priorities for the University Center, Maui and the Office of Continuing Education and Training on February 18.


Student Services

·         Student Services is Identifying range of programs of support, looking at service and infrastructure needs.  Alvin will be submitting detailed list to Chancellor Sakamoto.


Committee members noted the following additional suggestions:

·         Culinary Arts

o        Advance Culinary as an emerging field.

o        Diane Meyer will check with Bobby Santos.


·         Nursing

o        Support courses to make nursing program grow.   Allied health to include nursing, dental assisting and possibly Radiology, Dental Hygiene. 

o        Kate Acks will check with Nancy Johnson.


·         Foreign Language Needs

o        Renovating the foreign language lab. 

o        Kate Ack will check with foreign language folks.


·         University Center, Maui

o        Regular, full-time, general-funded APT position to support the MRTC site.


·         Lahaina Center

o        Completion cost

o        Staffing


·         COOP

o        Position for job placement possibly an APT position 

o        Wallette Pellegrino will check on position title (Instructor or APT)


·         Grant Writer

·         Webmaster  (salary should be increased from what noted on spreadsheet)


·         Science/Health Care:  included in Long Range Planning C.I.P.  David Tamanaha is working on.


·         Lanai Outreach

o        ˝ time Janitor


·         Pa`ina

o        Janitors


Diane will make corrections to instructional spreadsheet and forward to members via email.