Chancellorís Advisory Council

November 14, 2003


Present:  Bill Baldwin, Scott Broadbent, Marilyn Fornwall, Jeff Halpin, Marge Kelm, Richard Kipper, Howard Nakamura, Suzette Robinson, Clyde Sakamoto, Susan Takeda, David Tamanaha, Lorraine Tamaribuchi, flo wiger, William Wong, Don Young.


Absent:  Radha Arora, John Kreag, Dorvin Leis, Martin Luna, Roger MacArthur, Erlinda Rosario, Sarajean Tokunaga, Colleen Teixeira.


The minutes from the past meeting were approved.


Nancy Johnson, program coordinator for the current Nursing and new Dental Assistant Program, presented an overview of the program.  Presently there are 19 students, up from 9 last year.  Revenue is generated through grants and service.  Rent for the MCC Maui Oral Care Center on Lower Main Street is ~$60,000/year.  Classes are held in the facility and services are provided to economically disadvantaged clients on Maui.  Most of the dentists do not participate in the Medicaid reimbursement program.    The Maui dentists have been extremely supportive with time, funding and equipment.  The goal over the next two years will be to construct a building on campus.  Dr. Dan Mayeda leads this fund raising effort.  The Center also received a gift of a mobile care van valued at $270,000.    Native Hawaiians have a predisposition to oral disease and the program  addresses major needs but is not able to serve all the children of Maui.


A supplemental budget was reviewed Ė the UH president is proposing increases in faculty salaries.  For MCC, a specific request for $203,000 for the ABIT program and $217,000 for the Biotech program, Early Childhood, and the Oral Health Center have been proposed by the College and approved by the UH administration and BOR.  Included in the separate Capital Improvement Program request is the fire alarm upgrade for some of the older classrooms on campus and the student center renovation.


The Morrad food show held at MCC raised over $21,000.  MCC is reviewing a special approved provision to create a commercial enterprise fund, so the College can offer services during non-instructional hours and offer a variety of culinary services and products.  Community members are also interested in using our facility and accessing our culinary services.   Research continues on designing a format to support learning as a priority and develop new services as well.  A survey is being generated to ask clients about their needs.  Our primary function is instruction, however, the College must also recover its costs and cover its program related expenses wherever possible.   Care needs to be taken to prevent taking clients away from neighboring restaurants. 


An alternate energy proposal, building a 200-300 foot windmill and saving the campus at least 1/3 of its energy expenditures each year was presented.   MECO is supportive of this campus alternate energy initiative.  A community meeting will be held in January.  Council members think there will be some opposition, but MCC may convince the community that money may be saved and funds restored to education.  The windmill may be as tall as 200 to 300 feetÖthe taller it is the more power it will produce.


Student housing needs are being examined by a private developer working with A & B properties to develop a parcel close to the Kahului Foodland.  A 400 bed apartment-style facility will be offered at about $450/mo per bed in a two bedroom unit with four students to a unit.  None of the funding would come from UH or State.  The developer would seek eventual assistance to connect students with the housing project.  Some students now live at the present 44-bed facility or stay in homes or condos in the community.  Temporary quarters for faculty might also be available in the present or possibly new facility.


An Earth University agreement was signed by the UH and MCC.  A faculty member from EU will be here on sabbatical working on Maui Land and Pineís sustainable agriculture initiative.  David Cole is the President and CEO for Maui Land and Pineapple and recently brought Steve Case to the campus.  Don Young presented background on David Cole.


Maui Community College will be hosting a Ho`olaule`a on March 14 with Willie Nelson as the headliner.  Mana`o radio is partnering with us working to bring the community onto the campus.


Suzette Robinson, leader for the campus Strategic Plan, presented the priorities, needs, and actions for MCC programs and services.  Suzette also described the College requests for $10,000 to the Chancellorís Advisory Council.  A motion was made by Bill Wong and seconded by Bill Baldwin to expend $10,000 institutional advancement funds on the proposals presented. 


The Chancellorís Advisory Council structure will remain the same and Dorvin has agreed to chair the Horizonís Committee.  Richard asked Lorraine, Dorvin and Bill Wong and to serve on a nominating committee to fill vacant council positions. 


Upcoming events:


            Basketball event Nov. 24

            UH Alumni association at Westin Maui Nov. 21

            WASC/ABIT Baccalaureate telecom    Dec. 4

            Final Class Act Dinner

            Plant and Art Sale Dec. 5

            Friday night movies funded by the student government

Ho`olaule`a March 14


Lunch for the Chancellorís Advisory Council meeting was sponsored by Mrs.Aiko Honda Sakamoto.