Chancellor’s Advisory Council Minutes

September 21, 2004


Present: Members - David Cole, Steve Holaday, Richard Kipper, John Kreag, Dorvin Leis, Martin Luna, Roger MacArthur, Steve Williams, Bill Wong

UHMC:  Scott Broadbent, Marilyn Fornwall, Dan Kruse, Jeannie Pezzoli, Suzette Robinson, Clyde Sakamoto, Janet Six, Alvin Tagomori, David Tamanaha.

Excused:  Del Adlawan, Susan Bendon, Jeff Halpin, Nancy Johnson, Bob Lloyd, Howard Nakamura, Thomas Steinhauer, Anne Takabuki, Susan Takeda, Lorraine Tamaribuchi, Sarajean Tokunaga, Leona Wilson.



Richard Kipper opened the meeting at 12:10.  The minutes from the July 20th meeting were approved.


·        Suzette Robinson provided an update of the MCC Strategic Plan – describing the 5 goals, 12 objectives and 102 action strategies.  On August 13th community members commented on the Strategic Plan.  Some of the items not considered as top priority by the community are necessary for accreditation. 


·        Community College Survey of Student Engagement survey was completed and MCC surpassed benchmarks in five areas.  Some questions arose regarding how MCC students will do as they move on.  The report may be placed on our web-site so the data can be used and reviewed by the students and community.


·        Scott discussed direction of the Horizons committee.  Marilyn will set up a meeting in the near future for the committee.  Currently some leadership receptions are being planned and Leona Wilson has been working with Scott on a grant proposal to Hormel.  Scott has been meeting with some of the Chancellor Advisory Council members to discuss MCC’s progress and what their continued interests and priorities for the college would be.  Dorvin Leis committed a million dollars to the Centenial Campaign and was thanked for his investment in MCC’s future.


·        Clyde updated the Chancellor’s Advisory Council on activities happening at Maui Community College:


o       Enrollment is up for fall semester

o       ABIT - Two new faculty members were hired for the ABIT program, Dr. Rafael Boritzer and Dr. Margaret Christensen.  The program has been approved for a review by WASC.  Presently there are 80 students interested in the ABIT program.  MLP CEO David Cole has pledged 10 scholarships for the program from Maui Land & Pineapple.

o       Grants – almost $3 million has been brought in so far this year compared to the total $16.9 million last year.

o       Drive-in movie theater will begin operation in mid-November.

o       Farmers Market will start in November also on every Friday.  The products will all be Maui grown.

o       MCC is working with Wil Wong on moving the swap meet to the MCC campus.  Revenue will be about $39,000 a year and after 2 years MCC hopes to share in the proceeds.  The county has given us their approval and we hope to begin in June.

o       Joey Char from the Ka`ahumanu Mall is working with MCC to offer store space to market MCC products as a contribution to growing entrepreneurs.

o       Windmill project is moving forward securing additional funding and is about 1 year out from being operational.

o       Oral Health Care Center – revenue is coming in from Medicaid payments to help keep it self-sustaining.  Lutheran Medical Center is providing dental residents to help with the program.

o       Bill McDonough presentation was well-received.  Bill is an architect and a conceptual developer focusing on sustainability and eliminating waste.  He is working for MLP as the master planner for their West Maui project.

o       Kamehameha Schools/Dept. of Hawaiian Home Lands/Sandwich Isles communication/MCC – partnership is being formed to expand educational opportunities to the local Hawaiian families.

o       Student housing – permits were submitted in October and the financing has been obtained.  Another firm has approached MCC about building a facility that houses commercial property on the main floor and has student apartments upstairs. 






- Submitted by Marilyn Fornwall