Chancellor’s Advisory Council Minutes

January 18, 2005


Present:          Del Adlawan, Jeff Halpin, Steve Holaday, Richard Kipper, John Kreag, Dorvin Leis, Bob Lloyd, Martin Luna, Roger MacArthur, Anne Takabuki, Steve Williams, Leona Wilson, Bill Wong


UHMC:               Scott Broadbent, Marilyn Fornwall, Dan Kruse, Clyde Sakamoto, Alvin Tagomori, flo wiger



Call to Order - Richard Kipper called the meeting to order at 12:00 p.m. in the Paina Haleakala Room. 


Approval of Minutes – The minutes of the November 16, 2004 meeting were approved.


Sustainable Living Institute on Maui (SLIM) – Ivo Martinac from the Royal Institute of Technology (RIT) in Stockholm has offered to support the SLIM initiative.  Plans are underway to establish a cooperative agreement to permit the RIT to support a sustainable institute on Maui incorporating applied science and research.


County of Maui ProposalThe county may be interested in helping with baccalaureate development at Maui Community College.  Proposal is for a $2 million matching challenge grant.  with a $1 million matching requirement  from other sources that would need to be raised. The present technical programs will continue to be supported and have been assured they will be strengthened or expanded where appropriate.  Through Lynn Araki-Regan, Clyde is providing a draft for the mayor.  Upon initial approval, the County Council will be approached.  Richard Kipper asked the committee if they would ask the council chair or the budget chair first for support.  The CAC indicated that the council chair should be contacted first.  Anne Takabuki asked if MCC could scale back development if the county only offered $1 million.   A lesser amount would slow the baccalaureate introduction but as a back-up the college will look for other sources of funding, such as grants and higher non-resident tuition.  Bob Lloyd expressed concern about whether there would be continued support as different mayoral administrations took over; no guarantees but building support and meeting benchmarks will be critical. Bill Wong cautioned that moving forward too fast with the baccalaureate program before having facilities and financial support may be problematic.  Clyde explained that the University Center initiative, the Nursing Program and the existing student housing were all started with county support and continued with state and project-generated revenues.  Some County projects such as Cooperative Education have continued with subsequent Mayors’support and spanned a number of administrations.


Oral Care and Telehealth Center Facilities – Nancy Johnson reported on the progress of the dental assisting program.    Presently 20 students are enrolled in our Dental Assistant certificate program.   MCC is moving toward offering an associates degree in Dental Hygiene, similar to most programs in the United States. Due to the number of clients per dentist in the community, most dentists won’t take Medicaid patients…so 35% of Maui County has limited access to dental care.  The Oral Health Care center, along with the Mobile Dental Van, has seen more than 4,000 Medicaid patients since it first opened. The Weinburg Foundation has been approached and may be interested in helping us obtain an Oral Care and Telehealth facility.  John Kreag asked if it could be self-sustaining.  The Center is close to being self-supporting at this time.  Leona brought up the idea of getting part-time residents involved and Nancy replied that community service dentists are offered a special license.  Bob, Roger & Richard know of dentists in Wailea that would like to help and will try to reach them through a neighborhood newsletter.


MCC Long Range Development Plan – Clyde asked members to review the long range development plan for the next meeting.


Approval of Funding for Instructional Support – Scott made a presentation of requests from MCC faculty.  The plan to spend $20,000 on instructional needs had already been approved by the Horizons committee but needed support from the CAC.  The motion to support this plan was made by Bill Wong, seconded by Martin Luna and passed unanimously.



            Student Housing – Permit applications were submitted this week.   

            Swap Meet – The Board of Regents approved a 10 year lease for the swap meet.

Drive In Theater – The drive-in theater has been successful, even through the holiday season.

Farmers Market – The Aloha Friday Farmers Market will open on April 1st.  Insurance verification is the hold-up for an earlier opening.

            Lahaina Ed Center – Students are helping Keoki Raymond renovate the building.

            World Hula Conference – Plans are to video-stream the conference live.


Next Meeting March 15, 2005



Respectfully submitted,




Marilyn Fornwall

Admin Support Specialist