Chancellor’s Advisory Council Minutes

March 15, 2005


Present:          Susan Bendon, David Cole, Steve Holaday, Richard Kipper, John Kreag, Martin Luna, Roger MacArthur, Susan Takeda, Lorraine Tamaribuchi, Sarajean Tokunaga, Leona Wilson, Bill Wong


UHMC:               Scott Broadbent, Marilyn Fornwall, Dan Kruse, Clyde Sakamoto, Alvin Tagomori, flo wiger



Call to Order - Richard Kipper called the meeting to order at 12:00 p.m. in the Paina Haleakala Room. 


Approval of Minutes – The minutes of the January 18, 2005 meeting were approved.


Go School – No Come Like Me – Leona introduced the Go School – No Come Like Me project to the CAC enlisting members to help if they had contact names or other information on companies that could be targeted.  Richard suggested she try Walmart, Kmart or Sears.  The project is looking for funding from corporations that are supported in Hawaii to help with educating students who live on Maui.


PEG/Akaku Funding IssueTwo bills are alive seeking equitable distribution of funds.  One third of the funding should go to education and half of that should be earmarked for MCC.  Clyde asked the CAC for email support of this because a decision would be made at their next board meeting on educational funding.  The Akaku board was considering reduced support, keeping a larger portion for public broadcasting.  Akaku Director, Sean MacLaughlin, feels that public funding should not support state agencies.  He has indicated that special interest groups are trying to shut down Akaku and it has caused a division on the Akaku board.  In fact, originating PEG records reflect that MCC and DOE are specifically mentioned.   Mayor Alan Arakawa also recalled that MacLaughlin himself had made a commitment to MCC and DOE to continue funding which he has later reversed and fought.


Tuition Increase Proposal – Alvin Tagomori reviewed a proposal for the next five years.  Students who have the potential of earning more will be charged more.  Fees differ by degree.  Steve Holaday suggested having a lower tuition for careers that need graduates to fill positions.  David Cole suggested an exercise to determine in-state vs out-of-state tuition rates down the road.  Higher levels for non residents will help keep levels lower for our own Maui students.  The new ABIT degree will bring in international students and we are also looking at degrees in Education, Health and Sustainability.


MCC Long Range Development Plan – The state has released $3.5 million in state funds for renovation of the MCC student center and another $3.5 million for the design of a new science building.  Groundbreaking for the new privately-funded student housing will be in July.


Mayor/County Proposal – The proposal is for $2 million of which $1 million is a matching grant.  Clyde has talked to Jimmy Haynes, Bob Nakasone and President McClain for their support.


Patriotic Lottery – Jonathon Kibbee and Anuhea Yagi are releasing a student written and directed film on April 21st on campus.  They came to the meeting to show an excerpt from the film and to invite the CAC to attend their showing.



            Board of Regents Meeting, March 17 - 18 – coming up next week.   

            WASC Visit – The ABIT program will be reviewed.

Farmers Market – The Aloha Friday Farmers Market will open on April 1st

Windmill project – The Maui Arts and Cultural Center has asked us to reconsider changing the location to the back parking area.

            Drive-in Movie – This has been very successful

            Swap Meet – Working on agreement on liability insurance.


Next Meeting August 30, 2005



Respectfully submitted,




Marilyn Fornwall

Administrative Support Specialist