Chancellor’s Advisory Council Minutes

January 24, 2006


Present:          Del Adlawan, Jeff Halpin, Steve Holaday, Richard Kipper, John Kreag, Bob Lloyd, Martin Luna, Roger MacArthur, Alec McBarnet, Wendy Peterson, Martin Quill, Lorraine Tamaribuchi, Curtis Tom, Russell Yamane.


MCC:              Scott Broadbent, Marilyn Fornwall, Dan Kruse, Kathy Nelson, Clyde Sakamoto.



Call to Order – Richard Kipper called the meeting to order at 12:00 p.m. in the Paina

                           Class Act Dining Room.


Introduction of New Members – Wendy Peterson, Martin Quill and Russell Yamane were introduced as new members of the Chancellor’s Advisory Council. 


Approval of Minutes – The minutes of the October 25, 2005 meeting were approved.


Challenges for 2006

·        Skyrocketing power bills

·        Securing legislative and executive support

·        Enlisting County of Maui and the community for support


Preparing for Fall

·        International, mainland and in-state student recruitment

·        Completion of the new student housing (200 beds by summer 06)

·        Preparations for the new biennium



·        MCC has operational financial concerns with the culinary and dental assisting programs that are being reviewed and corrected.

·        A new WASC accreditation report has been released and is favorable.  The system requirement of having a Vice President of Community Colleges was met.

·        Akaku mediation process is continuing.  Director Rechtenwald has determined 25% of the present funding will be released and MCC will receive half of the 1/3 allocated to Education or about $8,000 for the first quarter.  Hearings will be held on campus regarding how DCCA’s distribution of PEG funds may need to be revised..  The DOE and MCC will work towards receiving a permanent allocation to support educational programs and services through cable television..

·        Swap Meet – With the support of the UH Risk Management Office, work is moving forward to secure the appropriate level of insurance and locate the swap meet on the MCC campus.

·        The purpose of the Second Decade Project is to identify higher education needs of the state in the next decade and how to fund them.  Clyde shared a power point presentation prepared by Interim VP for Academic Planning and Policy Linda Johnsrud that identified which of the areas of the state and their related UH campuses were proposed priority areas.  Maui shows a high need by 2020 for postsecondary education but the UH system identified other priorities.  Maui is already receiving the least financial support on a per capita per County basis.  Curtis Tom offered to assist as he has seen different statistics that detail growth on Maui.  Curtis says the UH statistics do not take birth rates into account as an important factor. Richard, Curtis, Alec, Martin, Roger and Wendy will schedule two meetings with Clyde over the next two months to examine the numbers and prepare a response .

·        In addition to UHCC System requests for Program Review and a Rapid Response fund (to address unanticipated workforce training needs), MCC’s Supplemental Budget request consists of:

Ø      Electricity funds

Ø      Workforce development (positions needed in the following areas):

§         Oral Health

§         Biotech

§         Early Childhood education

Ø      Hawaiian studies faculty added

·        The Project OHANA (Online Health and Academic Network Access) grant was awarded of $387,000 to fund the following

Ø      130 laptop computers

Ø      Desktop computers for Molokai, Lanai and Hana education centers

Ø      Telehealth for the native Hawaiian community

·        Clyde shared some pictures of the new West Maui Education Center facility which will be opening soon.  An advisory group is being formed.

·        Clyde was invited to attend the U.S. University Presidents Summit on International Education.  The overall issue of the U.S, needing to be more knowledgeable about the language and cultures in the areas of the world in crises triggered the invitation to about 100 college and university presidents around the country.  The specific problem of obtaining visas for international students was addressed as many of them have been going to school in New Zealand, Germany, Australia or the UK since the restrictions imposed by “9/11.”.  The U.S. must improve its language capabilities and facilitate the process for securing student visas without compromising national security.  Community colleges were proposed to  be partners in this process as well.


Mayor’s Proposal to Support Higher Education – The mayor has again given his support but we need to obtain the approval of the county council.  CAC members were asked to assist in the process of supporting the proposal once it’s completed.


To gain their support we need to:

·        Identify the needs (economic, workforce, environmental, education and social) of the community

·        Specify partners

·        Respond to single year funding

·        Plan to match at least half of the County funds

·        Develop an implementation timeline


The Mayor has considered budgeting $2 million to support 4-year development at MCC.  Roger asked if we were the only UH campus to go to their county council for funding.  The other campuses are primarily approaching the state legislators.  There is some support from our council but others need to be approached.  The formal budget meeting for the county is in March.


UH Foundation Update – Kathy Nelson reported on total gifts to UH Foundation accounts so far this fiscal year.  She reported that 85 donors have given more than $1,500 over the past 18 months to MCC accounts.  The chancellors recently met with the board of trustees and discussed giving patterns realizing that the donors have the choice to stipulate where the money goes.  Giving trends were reviewed and while donations under $500,000 have increased, giving over $500,000 has declined due at least in part to the changes in leadership at the University of Hawaii and the UH Foundation.  Maui Community College has brought in $197,000 so far this year with a goal of $1.4 million that should be met with the promise of a $1 million donation.  Kathy also shared that the market value of the MCC endowments is $1.2 million with a gift value of $1.1 million.  The earnings are used for the programs and the payout was 4% this year. 


Distinguished Alumni Awards Dinner – Scott shared that five recipients have been chosen, Kimo Apana, Gladys Baisa, Georgia Kawamura, Melveen Leed, and Suzette Robinson.  Table sales are going well with 17 commitments and several more possible.  The council was thanked for their support as six of the tables are tied to CAC members.


An announcement was made that Steve Williams was promoted to a position on Oahu.  Steve and Sarajean Tokunaga will be leaving the Chancellor’s Advisory Council.


The meeting was adjourned at 1:02 p.m.


Next meeting March 28, 2006


Respectfully submitted,



Marilyn Fornwall

Administrative Support Specialist