Chancellor’s Advisory Council Minutes

March 28, 2006


Present:          Del Adlawan, Susan Bendon, Steve Holaday, Richard Kipper, John Kreag, Dorvin Leis, Bob Lloyd, Roger MacArthur, Boyd Mossman, Howard Nakamura, Martin Quill, Leona Wilson, William Wong, Russell Yamane.


MCC:              Scott Broadbent, Marilyn Fornwall, Clyde Sakamoto, Alvin Tagomori, David Tamanaha and students: Laycie Ann Tobosa and Kahea Naeole



Call to Order – Richard Kipper called the meeting to order at 12:00 p.m. in the Paina

                           Class Act Dining Room.


Introduction of New Members – Gwen Hiraga was introduced as a new member of the Chancellor’s Advisory Council. 


Approval of Minutes – The minutes of the January 24, 2006 meeting were approved.


Student Presentation – MCC students, Laycie Ann Tobosa and Kahea Naeole presented their personal histories related to their educational experiences at MCC and reinforced some of the reasons  students pursue an education in spite of personal hardships.  Both young women have overcome hardships but felt that there was a considerable help and support at MCC.  Clyde indicated that 65% of MCC’s students are female.  When asked if this was typical system-wide, he answered that it depended on programs. Those campuses having trades and technical programs will reflect a higher percentage of male students.  Bill Wong asked about the amount of financial aid given out each year and Alvin answered that over $4 million is given out in Pell Grants, loans and work study.  Another $100,000 was given out last year in UH Foundation Scholarships.  Out of 2,800 students, 800 received some sort of financial aid.



  • Regarding student housing: 100 beds projected to be ready by July 29th.  The remaining 300 beds will be ready by October or November creating a challenge in filling the student housing for Spring.  Spring semester does not normally enroll a large number of new students so a major recruitment must take place.  An agreement between MCC and the property developers is being formed and a committee made up of Martin Quill, Judge Mossman and John Kreag will meet to review a draft.  Richard questioned MCC’s responsibility if the dorms do not fill up and Clyde answered the responsibility falls on the developer.


  • West Maui Ed Center is nearing completion with an opening in the near future.  Lynn Britton with the OCET program will lead the work in getting the building operational.


  • Progress has been made on moving the Swap Meet to the MCC grounds with some negotiating regarding liability coverage during operational hours.  Projected income for MCC is > $40,000 per year.


  • Further progress on the windmill is awaiting identification of a project manager.


County Budget and Proposal – Maui County population is near 140,000 with aging demographics.  Leona questioned if seasonal residents or tourists were considered in population numbers and when told no, claimed she thought it was important to include them as they affect health care facilities and other island resources.  Maui County has the highest cost of living and severe workforce shortages, more than any other island.  This is where MCC hopes to help.  In a recent discussion of long term care, statistics show a definite nursing shortage on island.  MCC has 80 graduates each year and  another 80 qualified students that are not accepted into the program due to space restrictions.  The graduating students are highly sought after but often offered higher salaries on Oahu or the mainland.  Pay scales are so low and housing prices are so high that is hard to keep people here.  The mayor indicated that the county has identified 16 affordable housing projects to address the needs.   Clyde reported the MCC TV facility will be available during the election campaign forums. 


Legislative Requests and Proposal Clyde presented budget priorities that meet both county and MCC student needs.  Below are l MCC’s priorities:

  • Electricity costs require support
  • WASC program review processes rely on data driven decisions
  • UH and MCC strategic plans must be implemented
  • Program deficits in OCET, Culinary Arts and Oral Health require attention
  • Shortages in repair and maintenance,  supplies and equipment funding


In relationship with other UH campuses:

·        There are more higher education resources per capita resident for the campuses on Oahu, Hawaii, and Kauai Counties

·        Maui has the lowest number of custodial per square foot of building assignment and one of the lowest grounds keeping positions per acre compared with other institutions

·        Maui has the lowest number of G-funded support positions in counseling and student support services per total number of students on any CC campus

·        Maui has the lowest amount of  general fund resources for developmental courses.


The proposed County of Maui grant would support 4 major areas, nursing, teacher prep, social services and sustainable sciences.  The county can only fund one year at a time and benchmarks must be met before additional funding can be obtained.  Programs will be started with other UH partners giving MCC full responsibility for each program in a few years.  The Mayor is proposing $2 million from the county.  Maui Community College representatives have discussed the proposal with County Council members and will be at the County Building on Thursday morning to testify regarding the needs of the campus.


Second Decade Status – Priorities have been proposed by the University of Hawaii system in the following order for funding for 4-year programs.

1.      West Oahu

2.      Waimea

3.      Maui


Presentations by Interim VP for Policy and Planning Johnsrud have not represented Maui County’s needs. 


Distinguished Alumni Dinner – Scott presented an estimated budget breakdown from the dinner which was very successful.  The CAC was asked to send him any critique or suggestions for the next event. 


UH Foundation Report – With David McClain named President of the University of Hawaii, the UH Foundation is gearing up to kick off the Centennial Campaign.  The official start date will be in 2007 with the campaign ending in 2010.


The Chancellor’s Advisory Council members were encouraged by Roger to attend an event at the Hyatt on June 10th at 6:00 p.m. honoring Dorvin Leis in his support of the Boy Scouts.


The meeting was adjourned at 1:35 p.m.


Next meeting May 16, 2006


Respectfully submitted,



Marilyn Fornwall

Administrative Support Specialist