Chancellor’s Advisory Council Minutes

May 16, 2006


Present:           Susan Bendon, Jeff Halpin, Richard Kipper, John Kreag, Dorvin Leis, Roger MacArthur, Alec McBarnet, Mitchell Nishimoto, Wendy Peterson, Martin Quill, Anne Takabuki, Curtis Tom, William Wong, Russell Yamane.


MCC:               Scott Broadbent, Marilyn Fornwall, Dan Kruse, Kathy Nelson, Clyde Sakamoto, Alvin Tagomori,


Call to Order – Richard Kipper called the meeting to order at 12:05 p.m. in Laulima 225.


Approval of Minutes – The minutes of the March 28, 2006 meeting were approved.


Emergency Electricity – Financial help has become available through the Governor’s release of these Emergency funds


Maui County Support:   Chancellor’s Advisory Council members were thanked for their support in talking to council members that resulted in a $500,000 award for nursing and dental assisting. The first reading will be held on May 18th with the final reading on May 26th.  Originally $2 million was requested but reduced to $500,000 in final budget negotiations.  Clyde questioned if anyone had insight as to why the budget was cut and Alec answered that the county does not want to support state functions but felt large support for this issue. 


Legislative Outcomes – Approved appropriations from the 2006 state legislature l include:

v       $988K for electricity

v       $274K for biotech, early childhood education, oral health care, nursing

v       $124K for Hawaiian studies and language

v       $862K for 7 positions in the construction academy (includes equipment needs)

v       $162K for 5.5 positions in outreach

v       2.25 positions in program review

All of the construction academy courses (e.g.,carpentry) will be offered to high school students and will give the students dual high school and community college credit. 

Nursing presents a challenge to retain faculty in such fields where they can make more in private or public sectors. 


2007-09 Biennium Budget Preparation – Listed below are priorities in the biennium budget:

v       Nursing

v       Security

v       Institutional designer

v       Counselor conversion from Federal funds to general funds

v       Business office positions – 2 accounting clerks, 1 cashier

v       Clerical support

v       Learning center coordinator

v       Workforce development

§         Dental Hygiene

§         Sustainable sciences faculty

v       Economic diversification

v       Electro/optical engineering tech faculty

v       University Center - .5 position


The need for substance abuse counselors and CEO’s of social agencies has been acknowledged and this fall the first courses in a bachelor’s degree in social work will begin through the University Center.  Local specialists will work as faculty and the Department of Human Services will be asked to identify funding that could support these positions. 


Energy conservation is another area for potential expansion.  When asked if MCC was spreading itself too thin, Clyde responded that MCC is the only higher education institution serving Maui County and must support community needs.


Director of Institutional Advancement Transition – An active search has been engaged and the new director is slated to start June 15.


Progress on Culinary, Oral Care and OCET – An outside consultant met with the culinary program directors and identified issues shared by our and other programs on the other islands.  A helpful report by Steven Sparks will aid in revamping curriculum and implementing the use of more student leadership roles.  Faculty are looking at the deficit and options at fixing them.  Paina has run in the red since opening due mostly to an absence of management and financial expertise.  Instructor Chefs were trained in preparing fine cuisine.  However, management support for the program through more realistic a business plan is needed.  David Allaire with TS Restaurants also was brought in as a consultant and offered advice.


One of the major challenges with the MCC Oral Care facility is with obtaining timely and accurate Medicaid reimbursements.  Many of these dental assisting services that were initially denied have been re-billed.  DHS Director Lillian Kohler is helping with this process.  Lutheran Medical Center in New York has sent two residents for the program at no cost.


OCET has made some internal personnel changes.  A gift of a commercial truck was presented to the program from Tri Isle to use for the commercial drivers licensing program.



Housing – Some of the footings needed to be re-poured due to heavy rain.  So far about 90 students have signed up for housing and the mayor will be approached to help push the permits through so we can occupy on time.


West Maui Ed Center - The West Maui Ed Center will open mid-summer offering non-credit courses, and credit classes will commence fall semester


UH Foundation Report – Gifts for the year total ~ $400,000 to MCC at this time.  Around $112 million towards the $250 million in the capital campaign for the UH Foundation as a whole has been donated.  The Board of Regents will be approached regarding extending the campaign to June 30, 2009 to coincide with the end of David McClain’s contract.


The meeting was adjourned at 1:35 p.m.


Next meeting September 11, 2006


Respectfully submitted,

Marilyn Fornwall

Administrative Support Specialist