Chancellor’s Advisory Council Minutes

November 13, 2006

 Laulima 225


Present:           Del Adlawan, Susan Bendon, David Cole, Jeff Halpin, Steve Holaday, Richard Kipper, John Kreag, Martin Luna, Alec McBarnet, Boyd Mossman, Mitchell Nishimoto, Curtis Tom, Leona Wilson,  Bill Wong, Russell Yamane


MCC:               Clyde Sakamoto, Marilyn Fornwall, Cordy MacLaughlin, Suzette Robinson, David Tamanaha,


Guests:             Kahele Dukelow, Dr. Conrad Hornick, Dr. Michael Searcy



Call to Order:  Richard Kipper called the meeting to order at 12:00 p.m. 


Approval of Minutes: The minutes of the September 11, 2006 meeting were approved with one amendment:  delete “Bill Wong” from list of those present.


WASC Feedback:  Clyde reported that WASC commended MCC for consistent development of student learning outcomes, establishment of three buildings since the last visit, and a variety of grant awards and entrepreneurial activities.  He indicated   importance of getting back to the legislature to emphasize the impact of the buildings on the WASC accreditation process.    WASC recommended that the UH system include money for building maintenance when funding new buildings, clarify the budget development relationship between the UH system and Maui Community College, and that the Board of Regents review on a regular basis Board policies which impact MCC.  WASC recommended that MCC review its mission statement on a regular basis and create a matrix to track the progress of our Strategic Plan. 


Student Presentation:  Clyde introduced Hong Dai, Hong Zhou, and Ping Ge to the members.  These students are from the People’s Republic of China.   Each student spoke of their positive experience at MCC.  On behalf of the college, Clyde presented the students with gifts. 


New Faculty: Clyde introduced Kahele Dukelow, Hawaiian Language & Studies; Dr. Conrad Hornick, Biology; and Dr. Michael Searcy, ABIT.  Each faculty presented his/her background and initial experiences as a faculty member.


County Grant Implementation:  Nancy Johnson gave an update on the Nursing Program.  The program received $500,000 as a matching gift from the County of Maui.   There are 40 new students in the LPN program (15 on the wait-list) and 10 new students pursuing their associate degree.  Nancy stated that there is a national shortage of nursing faculty and students.  Couple this situation with an aging community, Nancy says we are headed for “the perfect storm”.  In terms of future funding of the nursing program, the State of Hawaii has yet to support the education of future nurses for Maui County.  It is important to educate Maui’s new mayor that 70% of the nurses at Maui Memorial Hospital are MCC graduates.  Also, 93% of MCC’s nursing graduates stay on the island. 


Oral Health:  Nancy stated that the department will seek Board of Regents approval for an associate degree in dental hygiene.


Nursing Scholarship:  Bob Lloyd and the Wailea Community Association are collaborating on a fundraiser for nursing scholarships.  





-Japanese-English language exchange classes are now being offered via the internet with Toyama University in Japan.

-The fourth floor of the student housing is now being added.

-The Student Life formerly the Student Center renovation will be completed Fall 2007.

-MCC is waiting for $3.4 million for the planning/design phase of the new Science facility.

-MCC received $6.5 million in grants the first quarter (Liko A’e received over $4 million for Hawaiian scholarships)



The Board of Regents reception will be held on November 13th, at 6:00pm in the Class Act; spouses are included.  Dorvin’s gift will be celebrated.


Congratulations to Judge Boyd Mossman in retaining his seat as Maui OHA Trustee.


Clyde acknowledged Suzette Robinson as Interim Vice-Chancellor of Academic Affairs.


Richard Kipper will be re-aligning the committees of the Chancellor’s Advisory Council and planning a retreat.


The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 p.m.


Next meeting:   January 22, 2007



Respectfully submitted,


Marilyn Fornwall

Administrative Support Specialist