President David McClain’s Remarks to

the Chancellor’s Advisory Council

February 6, 2007

 Class Act



Present:           Jim Bendon, David Cole, Gwen Hiraga, Richard Kipper, John Kreag, Audrey MacLean, Alec McBarnet, Boyd Mossman, Marty Quill, Curtis Tom, Leona Wilson, Bill Wong


MCC:               Clyde Sakamoto, Pat Adams, Cathy Bio, Debbie Brown, Eric Engh, Cynthia Foreman, Marilyn Fornwall, Lori Govaars, Nancy Johnson, Steve Kameda, Michelle Katsutani, Dan Kruse, Cordy MacLaughlin, Diane Meyer, Karen Muraoka, Suzette Robinson, Mona Stevenson, Sandra Swanson, Alvin Tagamori, David Tamanaha, Bob Wehrman




Introduction:  The University of Hawai`i is 100 years old, has 10 campuses (7 community colleges), and has just received the Shidler gift of $25 million.  The University is a change agent for social justice, personal transformation, and economic development.  If we can change the world, we can improve the quality of life.


Some statistics:

·         80,000 students

·         200,000 alumni

·         700,000 have attended athletics events

·         240,000 have attended performing arts and other events



·         $50 million general funds

·         $200 million CIP funds

·         $430 million research

·         $100 million fundraising


Centennial Campaign:  Goal is $250 million; we have raised $160 million.

·         Academic excellence and faculty support

·         Undergraduate experience (W/tuition doubling over the next 5 years, need resources to help students attend.)

·         Research mission sustained

·         Facilities (renew and refurbish; $80m CIP at MCC)

·         Engage community (UHM top 25 public research facility; UHH and West Oahu= 4-yr colleges)




1.  Build educational capacity of Hawaii

·         Math/reading/writing remediation

·         Early Childhood and K-12----P-20 Initiative---all 8-year-olds will be reading at grade level by 3rd grade.

·         American Diploma program

·         Achieving the Dream project (HS grads ready for college)


2. Workforce development

·         Construction academies (go in to HS to teach skills so students can enter college w/apprentice skills)

·         Networking academies (CISCO for Science/Math and STEM fields)

·         Nurses and teachers


3. Diversify the economy

·         Tourism/military

·         Research area to generate new companies

·         Invention disclosures: convert to companies not just licenses


4. Increase service to underserved populations and regions

·         Native Hawaiians and their values at the core (community, respect, and malama aina)

·         Second Decade Project (Ewa/Waianae/N. Shore least served; build out West Oahu College)

·         West side of Hawaii (Kealakehe)

·         East Hawaii, Maui, Kauai (need more services, not necessarily more facilities)


5. Four-year Campus

·         ABIT first 4-yr. degree at MCC

·         “2X mentality” to build---need another $10 million---may only be 1.5X in costs

·         Need to keep in mind the community college mission in the context of a 4-year program